6 Delicious Persian food with Saffron Must Try in 2024

6 Persian food with saffron, maybe you are one of the people who do not know what Iranian dishes are prepared with saffron.

These dishes are such as kebabs such as Kabab Koobideh, Joojeh Kabab, or stews, and dishes such as Zereshk polo ba morgh or Gheymeh nesar are used a lot.

Persian foods that are prepared with saffron have a very beautiful taste and color, apart from their excellent aroma.

Saffron is a very valuable, expensive, and aromatic spice for any food. Saffron is used to flavor marinating all kinds of meat and chicken in Iranian cuisine.

The methods of using saffron are also used such as brewing with boiling water or using ice to color saffron, which we have fully explained in the article on how to brew saffron.

1. The number one Persian Food with saffron is saffron Joojeh Kabab

Joojeh kabab is one of the oldest and most famous Iranian dishes in which brewed saffron is used.
A very beautiful and delicious combination of pieces of chicken breast, which is combined with black pepper, salt, and saffron.

This combination, after staying together for a few hours, produces an excellent chicken kebab with a great taste of saffron and a yellow color similar to coconut. It is created by giving it to the chicken.
After cooking this kebab on charcoal with the same orange and yellow color, saffron grilled chicken pieces are created, which is known as saffron Joojeh Kabab.

saffron joojeh kabab

2. The number two Persian Food with saffron is Tahchin Morgh

When it comes to a complete Iranian meal with saffron, I automatically think of Tahchin Morgh. It is a beautiful and very delicious Iranian food.

The artistic composition of rice is colored in the form of a cake mixed with yogurt, eggs brewed saffron, and chicken pieces seasoned with Iranian spices and barberry are used in this dish.

An excellent rice cake that combines all the delicious flavors with seasoned chicken in the middle. Be sure to use this food for your very important parties and immerse yourself in the aroma of saffron in your home.

saffron tahchin

3. The number three Persian Food with saffron is Zereshk polo ba morgh

Zereshk polo ba morgh is the main dish of every Iranian party or wedding. Perfect cooking of chicken is very important in this dish. Saffron is used to remove the bad smell of chicken and give color and taste to this dish.

An excellent combination of fried chicken marinated with saffron and other spices and cooked in a special sauce with tomato paste.

Finally, saffron chicken is served with Iranian rice decorated with saffron, barberry, almonds, and pistachios.

If you are a guest at an Iranian’s house, during dinner or lunch, Zereshk polo ba morgh will be prepared for you.

saffron zereshk polo ba morgh

4. The number four Persian Food with saffron is khoresh Gheymeh

Khoresh Gheymeh is one of the most famous Iranian dishes prepared with saffron. It is an excellent stew to serve in religious ceremonies in Iran.

The attractive and delicious combination of yellow split, mutton, or veal, which is cooked together with Limoo Amani tomato paste and saffron, creates an excellent stew.

This excellent stew, which smells of saffron and lemon, is combined with eggplant or potatoes. Finally, it is served with Iranian rice, which is decorated with saffron.

saffron gheymeh stew

5. The number five Persian Food with saffron is Kabab Koobideh

Saffron Kabab Koobideh is an excellent and very famous dish that is prepared with saffron. It is a combination of minced sheep or beef, onions, and Iranian spices that are combined with Iranian-infused saffron and fried on special skewers on charcoal.

The most famous kabab in Iran is accompanied by the taste and aroma of saffron, and every person likes to taste this food. This excellent kabab is served with Iranian bread and rice and is one of the popular dishes of Iranians at weddings.

saffron kabab koobideh

6. The number four Persian Food with saffron is Sholeh Zard

Shole Zard is one of the special dishes and desserts in Iran, in which the color and taste of saffron have a special effect.

It is one of the dishes where saffron is one of the main elements of this dish. The yellow color and the excellent taste of the Sholeh Zard of brewed saffron are included in this dessert.

The combination of rice is cooked with rose water, sugar, and saffron, which is decorated with a special Iranian taste, almonds, pistachios, and cinnamon. Usually, this food is used in the month of Ramadan and on religious occasions on Iranian tables.

saffron sholeh zard

Saffron is nicknamed the sunshine spice. This is not just due to its distinct color but also because it may help brighten your mood.

In a review of five studies, saffron supplements were significantly more effective than placebos at treating symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression (6Trusted Source).

Other studies found that taking 30 mg of saffron daily was just as effective as Fluoxetine, Imipramine, and Citalopram — conventional treatments for depression. Additionally, fewer people experienced side effects from saffron than from other treatments .



Persian foods that are prepared with saffron have much more color, taste, and aroma than other foods. Due to the presence of saffron, these foods have many properties and are very useful for the body.
Saffron is an expensive Iranian spice and flavoring that can be combined with any food and provides an excellent taste and color. A happy and anti-depressant plant that is used in Iranian sweets and drinks in addition to food, such as khakshir and sharp saffron syrup.

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