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Kalam polo or kalam polo Shirazi is a traditional, delicious, and famous food of Shiraz City in Iran. In addition to unique civilization and ancient monuments, Shiraz also contains delicious old foods.

One of these delicious foods is kalam polo shirazi, which is completely different from other kalam polo recipes in other cities of Iran.

Rice, cabbage, vegetables (tarragon, basil, tarragon, parsley), minced meat, and spices are used to prepare this food. This food is cooked so that fried meatballs are placed between Persian rice and cabbage.

This kalam polo is a traditional Persian dish with an aromatic flavor. You can omit the ground beef if you want to make it vegetarian. Serve it with Shirazi salad, it will taste wonderful.


How to cook Kalam Polo Shirazi(Kalam polo shirazi recipe)?

kalam polo recipe


My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 10
The ease of cooking Medium
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal, party meal
What is served with?
Salad shirazi, Zeytoon parvardeh, mast o khiar
Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 45 minutes
Serving for 4 people

Kalam polo Shirazi Ingredients:

Rice    2 cups
Salt  optional
Black pepper  optional
Minced meat 12 ounces
Onion (grated and drained) 5 ounces
Curry spice 1/4 tsp
Liquid oil (for frying) optional
Cabbage leaves (shredded) 12 ounces
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon powder    1/2 tsp
Vegetables (cleaned and chopped) Vegetables include leek, parsley (total 4.9 ounces), tarragon, and basil (total 1.9 ounces) total 6 ounces
Butter    2 ounces
Onion (chopped)  1 ½ pcs
Saffron 2 tsp

Instruction for kalam polo Shirazi(Shirazi polo) :

how to make kalam polo

1. Soak the rice in water and salt for 2 to 3 hours before; drain while cooking. Chop the cabbage and put it aside.

chopped cabbage

2. In a bowl, knead the meat with grated onion, spices (some turmeric and cinnamon powder), salt, and black pepper until it becomes completely uniform.

saute meat for kalam polo

3. Take the desired amount of meat into small meatballs, then fry them in a little oil.

4. Saute the chopped onion in a pot containing hot oil on low heat until it becomes golden.

5. Add the cabbage to the onion and saute until soft and slightly golden. Add turmeric and cinnamon powder, and remove from heat after frying a little.

sauting ingredient for kalam polo

6. Drain the water from the rice and pour it into a pot of boiling water on high heat until it is boiled for 10 to 20 minutes and ready.

Add the vegetable to the rice in the last 3 minutes of cooking, then drain it in a colander.

7. Pour some oil into the intended pot and gently heat until it gets hot, then remove it from the heat; pour a row of rice mixture and a row of minced meatballs and cabbage mixture.

Continue layer by layer in the same way, and cover the last layer with the rice mixture. Cover the pot lid, put it on high heat, and close the container.

cooking kalam polo

8. Melt the butter on low heat and pour it on the rice when the steam rises. Pour the saffron into a corner of the rice, and reduce the heat so that the rice is steamed for 30 to 45 minutes.

9. Separate the saffron rice, pour it in a kalam polo Shirazi, decorate it with the saffron rice, and serve.

kalam polo cooked

How to serve Kalam polo?

Kalam polo Shirazi should be served with an excellent salad called Salad Shirazi. A salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, fresh lemon juice, and aromatic vegetables. A magical combination that is delicious with any food. You can also enjoy mast o musir with this delicious food.

14 Notes for cooking delicious kalam polo Shirazi:

Notes for cooking delicious kalam polo Shirazi

  • Kalam polo Shirazi calories are 35cal in 1 spoon.
  • Note that this dish is slightly green due to the vegetables and cabbage used in it. Some people use tomato paste in the combination of cabbage and vegetables to make the food taste better, which is not present in the original form of Persian cabbage rice.
  • In this food, the meat pieces must be placed next to the pilaf when the rice is steamed so that the taste of the food is unique with the meat.
  • Some people do not like the smell of cabbage in kalam polo shirazi; for this purpose, after slicing and washing the cabbages, they can be boiled in water with a little vinegar and then fried.
  • You can use some saffron along with cinnamon to flavor the meatballs more.
  • If you use Persian tahdig for this food, it is better first to increase the heat under the rice to steam the food, then reduce the heat, use the flame spreader under the pot, and let the rice brew well, and tahdig becomes crispy and delicious.
  • This food is very suitable for vegetarians because people can easily eat it by removing the meat from this food.
  • Some people use cooked chicken instead of meat. The traditional form is minced meat, but chicken meat can also be used according to taste.
  • It is better to use fresh vegetables instead of dried vegetables. Regarding the number of vegetables used in kalam polo Shirazi, at first, the amount of tarragon is more than all the vegetables, and then basil, leek, and dill are used in the dish.
  • You can fry the meatballs separately and put them on the Shirazi cabbage pilaf when serving.
  • It is better to use Persian rice and some saffron in the food to make it fragrant and colorful.
  • To cook cabbages better, add a small amount of water to the cabbages before frying them so that they are well cooked and soft with water, and then fry them with oil.
  • Be careful when preparing the meatballs. Take the juice of the grated onion well and then mix it with the minced meat. This will prevent the meat from loosening and falling apart when frying the meatballs. Choose the same size of meatballs so that their cooking and frying time will be the same.


Kalam polo is not an ordinary dish; it is one of the dishes you must try before dying. The food comes from the rich culture of Shirazi and plays with your soul and spirit. I am confident that after eating this food, you will post your kind comments for me.

Among the other famous dishes of Shiraz, we can mention ghanbar polo, havij polo, and Ash Sabzi Shirazi, which are very tasty and festive.

FAQ for kalam polo shirazi:

faq for kalam polo shirazi

  • Is Kalam Polo Shirazi good for vegans?
  • Yes, of course. It is suitable for vegans or vegetarians by omitting meat from the kalam polo.
  • Can Shirazi cabbage pilaf be cooked with herbs?
  • Yes, of course. In the original recipe for Persian cabbage rice, we have herbs that are tarragon and basil, leek, and parsley.
  • Can Kalam Polo Shirazi be rewarmed?
  • Yes, we can keep it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days and reheat it when we want to serve it.
  • Is Shirazi cabbage pilaf gluten-free?  
  • Yes, Kalam Polo is generally gluten-free since it does not contain any gluten-containing grains. However, it’s important to check the ingredients of any added spices or seasoning blends to ensure they are gluten-free.

Did you like this Shirazi polo?

  • Please share your experience about cooking this Shirazi polo.
  • If you want vegetarian food, I suggest this dish without meat.
  • In the comments, you can ask me questions about kalam polo Shirazi and cabbage. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.
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  1. Hi ,this food is seems very deliciouse
    I want a Q, can make this kalam polow with chicken,because i dont love meat balls.

    1. Hi,dear jenifer,I agree with you and kalam polo shirazi is one of my favorite dishes
      Yes, you can use fried chicken instead of meat to prepare this dish

    1. Hi dear ariana,Yes, I explained it in the recipe, Kalam polo Shirazi can be made vegetarian by omitting the meat and using vegetable broth instead of chicken or beef broth.

    1. Hi dear Hakan ,Yes, I put the meat in the palms of both hands and round the meat with the palms of both hands, it is very simple

    1. To prevent bloating, soak the cabbage the night before
      Second, after eating kalam polo, use chaie nabat, aragh nana, and carbonated water.

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