10 Best Persian Pickles _ Guide Traditional Iranian Torshi

If you, like me, like to eat vegetables with food, you must have either tried Persian pickles(Torshi) or heard its name.
Iranian pickles are a very attractive mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables with vinegar and special spices.
Iranians make a series of foods that they can eat pickles with. This becomes so important that you can’t eat any food without pickles, especially in winter.

The best Persian pickles are Torshi seer, Torshi Liteh, Torshi Haft Bijar, Torshi anbeh, Torshi albaloo, Torshi bamieh, Torshi Bandari and Naz Khatun.

Stay with me to see what the best Iranian pickles are served with and their benefits.

What is Persian Pickles?

Persian pickles combine various vegetables with vinegar, which are served with food. These pickles are produced from different vegetables and fresh fruits along with special spices.

each of which is related to different regions of Iran. These pickles represent authentic Iranian traditions and foods.

The base and main ingredient of Iranian pickles is vinegar. White vinegar and red vinegar are the main ingredients for the production of Iranian pickles, which have many benefits.

In the following, an article about the benefits of vinegar has been selected from the website of the health line, which is very interesting.

Vinegar can help kill pathogens, including some strains of bacteria. People have traditionally used vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting, treating nail fungus, lice, warts, and ear infections.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used vinegar to clean wounds more than 2,000 years ago.


8. Torshi bamieh_Persian Okra Pickles

best torshi bamieh

Torshi bamieh or okra pickle is a pickle from Khuzestan province in the south of Iran. It is prepared from the combination of okra with vinegar, vegetables, and garlic. Sometimes, tamarind is also used in it.

This pickle also has a spicy taste and is excellent for those who like spicy food.
Due to the presence of okra, this pickle contains a lot of protein.

Another property of okra is being an antioxidant and helping digestion. This plant reduces blood fat by regulating the body’s metabolism. It is also very good for preventing obesity.

7. Torshi naz khatoon

nazkhatoon torshi

Naz Khatoon is a delicious Persian pickle from Mazandaran in northern Iran. Mazandaran is a city of delicious and traditional foods, and this delicious pickle also comes from this city. The combination of grilled eggplant and roasted vegetables provides a wonderful taste.

The aroma of grilled eggplant alone makes this pickle taste great. This pickle is served with northern foods such as baghali ghatogh and joojeh torsh.

6. Torshi anbeh _Mango pickles

Persian torshi anbeh

Torshi anbeh, or Mango pickle, is one of Iran’s most expensive and special pickles. Apart from Iran, pickled mango is also very popular in Pakistan and India.

This is one of those pickles from the south of Iran that few people have had the experience of tasting due to the scarcity and high cost of mangoes in Iran.

But about the taste of this pickle, I can say that your life is divided into two parts, one before eating and one after eating the mango pickle. It is wonderful and unique; be sure to try it.

5. Torshi albaloo- Sour cherry pickles

Persian torshi albaloo

It is one of the most different and best Persian pickles. In addition, it is delicious and full of vitamins and has many benefits for the human body. I tried torshi albaloo for the first time with macaroni(Persian pasta), which tasted wonderful.

A very excellent pickle that is prepared in the summer season. It is due to the presence of fresh sour cherries in this season. Maybe this pickle is less known worldwide, but you must try it once to feel its great taste.

4. Torshi bandari

Persian torshi bandari

Torshi bandari is usually prepared and served in south Iran and is very famous as a Persian pickle for spicy tastes. It is almost similar to Haft Bijar pickle, but tomatoes and red peppers are used in this product.
I had try this spicy pickle for the first time with salad olivieh. You may not believe it, but the combination of these two turned out to be excellent, and from now on, I decided to use it with most of the foods. If you like spicy food like me, I recommend this pickle.

3. Torshi liteh_Persian Mix Vegetables Pickle

Persian torshi liteh

Torshi liteh is one of the Persian pickles prepared from a combination of different vegetables, with the difference that the vegetables are finely chopped.

These vegetables are usually chopped with a food processor, and it is very easy to eat this pickle.
Liteh pickle is one of my favorite Persian pickles. It is served with fish and adas polo, dami gojeh farangi, and sabzi polo ba mahi.

2. Torshi haft Bijar

Persian torshi hafte bijar

One of the best-selling pickles in Iran is Haft Bijar pickle. This pickle is prepared from seven fruits, spices, and vegetables. In the preparation method, I posted on my website, you can make and enjoy this delicious pickle in less than 24 hours.

This pickle is excellent for digestion due to the presence of various vegetables. It is also suitable for most tastes because it is prepared from fresh and delicious fruits. This pickle is often used with foods such as dampokhtak and loobia polo.

1. Sir torsh_Iranian pickled Garlic

Persian torshi seer

Sir torshi, I think it is one of the best and most characteristic Persian pickles. The only pickle that can be eaten with any food and is very delicious. Contrary to what you think about bad breath from eating garlic, pickled garlic is not like that.

Pickled garlic has many benefits for the human body. Such as vitamins, removing toxins from the fatty liver, making blood, and purifying the blood.

It is appetizing and helps to digest heavy foods and increase the speed of food digestion.
Usually, pickled garlic is served with foods such as abgoosht and baghali polo ba mahiche.

Pickles are tasty, and they can also offer some health benefits. Pickles are low in fat, and some types of pickles contain high vitamin concentrations. A dill pickle typically contains the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin K: Pickles contain about 20% of this vitamin’s recommended daily amount. It helps blood clot and supports bone strength.
  • Vitamin A: Pickles contain about 1% of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin, which supports vision and the immune system.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and pickles provide about 3% to 4% of the recommended daily amount.


Conclusion Persian pickles

Persian pickles are one of the best examples of food side dishes, along with all kinds of these pickles, in addition to having excellent properties for health, are also complementary to authentic and traditional Iranian foods.

The variety, excellent properties, and different flavors of these pickles distinguish you from all the desserts and side dishes. They are an example of the old culture and traditions next to the traditional foods of Iran.


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