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Persian Mint tea is a fragrant and tasty drink that has proven itself as one of the most popular drinks in the world, with thousands of years of history in different civilizations.

Usually, we used peppermint gum, peppermint sweat, and peppermint syrup to freshen the mouth, stomach bloating, and heartache and to feel fresh and cool, respectively.

Consuming mint tea is an excellent option to benefit from the healing properties of mint. This drink does not contain caffeine and is known to have healing properties. This tea is prepared with dried mint leaves.

This caffeine-free tea is full of health benefits. Peppermint tea is a balanced and nutritious drink, from boosting the immune system and aiding digestion to reducing allergy symptoms and even helping with weight loss.

Stay with us to learn how to prepare mint tea on the Meals Cook site.

Cold Persian mint tea

Cold Persian mint tea

This method of preparing mint tea, which is a suitable option for summers and hot seasons, can be easily prepared at home. To start, first collect the following ingredients.


fresh mint sprigs 10
Water 10 cups
needed fresh Persian ching how to prepare cold Persian mint tea at home

Teaching how to prepare cold Persian mint tea at home


1. You have the advantage of preparing cold mint tea. You can make more tea with this method, store it in the refrigerator and consume it throughout the week and month.

2. It is enough to boil the water the same way as above and pour it on the mint leaves after infusing it. After 10 minutes, completely separate the scum and store your tea in the refrigerator.

3. After the mint tea cools down, just put some ice cubes in your cup, slice the cucumber, and put a slice in each cup, then pour the mint tea over the ice and cucumber and enjoy drinking it.

Hot Persian mint tea

Hot Persian mint tea

You don’t need much time to prepare Persian hot mint tea and you can prepare this wonderful tea in less than 15 minutes.


leaves between aching how to prepare hot Persian mint tea at home

Teaching how to prepare hot Persian mint tea at home


instruction hot mint tea

1. preparing hot Persian mint tea is easy, and you don’t need special skills. At the beginning of the work, put your water on the heat and bring it to the boiling point.

2. Wash and disinfect the mint leaves thoroughly and then chop them into a teapot. Pour boiling water directly on the mint leaves and let your mixture simmer for 5 minutes on very low heat.

3. Next, add your sweetener (honey or sugar), then turn off the heat and let your mint brew for 5 minutes by throwing a cloth over the teapot.

4. After brewing to serve your mint tea, pour it into the cup. After passing it through the filter, add lemon juice to it, and enjoy drinking it; you can add two mint leaves as decoration on the side of the cup.

Mint tea is sweetened with honey and saffron rock candy. Mint tea is served with Persian noghl and Persian baghlava.

The unique properties of Persian mint tea

The unique properties of mint tea

    • Reducing stress

    Drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea may help calm even the most irritable people, and peppermint tea is great at reducing stress. Peppermint tea contains menthol, which will help relax muscles.

    People can feel less stressed by drinking this tea. People who spend their days drinking a good cup of Persian mint tea have experienced a good taste.

    • Help to lose weight.

    Consuming mint makes you lose extra energy and calories healthily by releasing the body’s digestive fluids to produce energy, increasing metabolism.

    • Prevent cancer:

    Research has shown that some active enzymes in mint can prevent and treat cancer.

    • Help with muscle cramps:

    When your throat becomes inflamed, the muscles around your neck and chest can be damaged by the coughing action brought on by the initial discomfort and inflammation along the esophagus.

  • After a whole day of coughing, the throat and chest become very tired and sore, so using mint leaves is useful because they can reduce inflammation and also the ability to relax the activity in the muscles, and this, in turn, helps to prevent the inflammation caused by it.
    • Strengthen the immune system.

    Bacteria cause diseases such as fever, cough, and cold. Peppermint tea has antibacterial properties. By drinking this delicious tea, you can treat the symptoms of the disease.

  • There are also rare elements of vitamin B, potassium, antioxidants, and calcium in mint that can help the body absorb nutrients to fight diseases and do the necessary work to maintain and strengthen your immune system.
    • Properties of mint tea for lungs:

    One of the worst consequences of a cold is when your airways become blocked with various types of inflammation.

  • This can interfere with your daily activities and sleep, and you’ll probably feel weak and lazy, but a great way to combat breathing problems is to eat or chew some mint or mint chocolate.

    It helps to soothe the nose, throat, and respiratory tract and prevent a long-term disorder that usually starts with asthma and cold.

  • Due to the anti-inflammatory nature of mint leaves, the red and swollen areas in your respiratory tract will likely be relieved quickly by eating fresh mint. But you should not overdo it.
    • Properties of Persian mint tea for diarrhea and relieving heartache:

    To get rid of heartache and diarrhea quickly with the help of mint tea, it is enough to boil 1 spoon of dry mint along with two pieces of dried orange peel and cantaloupe in two cups of water. This combination will quickly cure heartache and diarrhea. Also, 1/3 cup of peppermint is excellent.

    •  Properties of Persian mint tea for periods:

    The antispasmodic properties of Persian mint tea will help reduce menstrual pain caused by uterine muscle spasms.

    • Strengthen the liver

    Mint is very effective and known for strengthening the liver, and due to the presence of essential nutrients and relaxation, it is a very useful plant for increasing the strength of the liver.

    • Strengthen the liver

    Mint is very effective and well-known for strengthening the liver, and due to the presence of essential nutrients and its purifying state, it is a very useful plant for increasing the strength of the liver.

    • Preventing forgetfulness and memory loss

    Daily consumption of Persian mint tea increases alertness and strengthens memory.

    • Having healthy skin

    Mint has anti-itching and antiseptic properties and helps prevent and treat skin infections.

    Due to its antimicrobial properties, mint tea is also used to prevent toothache.

    For those who have insomnia at night, it is recommended to use mint tea due to the relaxing nature of mint.

    Also, the aroma of mint is very useful for better concentration and thinking.

    Having a pot of mint in the room and smelling the scent of mint will improve the functioning of the nerves and make you feel relaxed.

Another factor in the spread of atay consumption in Morocco was the comparative scarcity of coffee. Whereas Algerian cities had been introduced to coffee culture under the influence of the Ottomans, Moroccan cities would only be introduced to coffee later. Oral traditions in the Algerian city of Tlemcen distinguish between “Fassi tea drinkers and Tlemceni coffee drinkers”.

In the late 19th century, Sufi orders led by figures such as Muhammad Bin Abdul-Kabir Al-Kattani told their adherents not to drink tea, attempting to boycott sugar and tea imported by Europeans.

By the early 20th century, mint tea had become well-established in Morocco.

An explanation about Moroccan mint tea from Wikipedia

FAQ Persian mint tea

faq for mint tea

1. Is Persian mint tea good for weight loss?

Yes, Consuming mint tea will ensure you burn off excess energy healthily. By releasing digestive enzymes, mint enables the body to consume more fat for energy production.

2. How many calories does Persian mint tea have?

Mint tea made from dried or fresh leaves is naturally low in calories. 236 ml of this tea contains 2 calories.

3. What can we use to sweeten mint tea?

Persian Mint tea is sweetened with honey and saffron rock candy.

4. Introduce some other models of Iranian tea.

Persian black tea and sour cherry tea are another Iranian tea.

5. Does mint tea have caffeine?

No, mint tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea. As an alternative to coffee and tea that contain caffeine, you can use mint tea, and it is safe if you want to quit caffeine.


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    1. Hi dear Mehrad, the main differences between Persian Mint Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea lie in their ingredients, preparation methods, and flavor profiles. Persian Mint Tea is a straightforward, caffeine-free mint infusion, while Moroccan Mint Tea combines fresh mint, green tea, and sweetness and is often a caffeinated beverage.

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