Moraba Zoghal Akhteh(Cornelian Cherry Jam) Recipe

I ate a lot of jam, but I ate cornelian cherry jam or moraba zoghal akhteh after 32 years. I didn’t think this jam existed until I traveled to the north of Iran and the city of Gilan. He brought breakfast to a restaurant and asked if he would let me bring him a new jam.

Wow, the moraba zoghal akhteh had a really great taste that I had never tried before. It had a really great sour and sweet taste.

After that, I bought cornelian cherry and made this excellent jam myself, and now I’ve put the recipe for you, so stay with us and read the article. 

This fruit is harvested in August; you can find it in the market and stores until the end of October. One of the ways to use cornelian cherry is to make jam.

In this case, you can enjoy its delicious taste all year round. Zoghal Akhteh in English is called Cornelian Cherry.

How to prepare cornelian cherry jam with seed

Moraba zoghal akhteh recipe

Cornelian cherry jam is very easy to make. I usually make this jam with the seeds. Because it is very difficult and time-consuming to remove the blueberry core.

In addition, removing the blueberry core causes the fruit to fall apart, and it does not have a beautiful face.
So, I decided to make this jam with kernels. I will explain the necessary ingredients and how to prepare it step by step.

Preparation time:15 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour


Cornelian cherry 2 pound
Sugar 1.2 pound

Instruction moraba zoghal akhteh:

instruction Cornelian Cherry Jam

1.  First, we pour the washed and clean cornelian cherry seeds into the pot and do not add a layer of sugar to it. We continue the same way until we pour all the blueberries and sugar into the pot.

without removing the seeds pour them into a pot


2.  Then, we put the pot in the refrigerator for 10 hours. After ten hours, take the pot out of the refrigerator and put it on the gas flame until it reaches boiling.

3. We always put a wooden spatula inside the pot so the jam does not spill. Use another spoon to separate the foam on the jam for a clearer one. After 45 minutes, the jam is ready.

Bring the cornelian cherry to a boil


remove the foam from the liquid and discard it


4. After it cools down, put the jam in a glass container and prepare it for serving. You can use cornelian cherry jam for breakfast with butter and cream along with Sangak bread or Barbari bread.

Cornus mas, commonly known as cornel (also the Cornelian cherryEuropean cornel or Cornelian cherry dogwood), is a species of shrub or small tree in the dogwood family Cornaceae native to Western Europe, Southern Europe, and Southwestern Asia.


You can also read moraba albaloo and moraba havij recipe.

Nutritional value of Cornelian cherry jam:

Moraba zoghal akhteh has much higher calories than raw cornelian cherry. So, if you are on a slimming diet, it is better not to overdo jam consumption. Each 100 grams of raw cornelian cherry has about 46 calories.

Meanwhile, 100 grams of cornelian cherry jam has 278 kilocalories of energy, which seems like a lot. Its sugar is 48.5 grams, but there are only 4 grams of cornelian cherry.

How to serve cornelian cherry jam?

The taste of cornelian cherry jam is sweet and sour and useful for making tarts and cakes. Due to its beautiful red color can be used as a decoration on all kinds of sweets and cakes. In Iran, it is used as breakfast with butter and lavash or sangak bread.

It can also be used on cream cakes and desserts. In European countries, this Persian dessert is also served as an evening snack on pancakes with tea.


1. How many calories are in zoghal akhteh?

There are 57 calories per 100 grams of zoghal akhteh.

2. What is served with moraba zoghal akhteh?

Moraba zoghal akhteh is served as a breakfast with butter and cream.

3. What is Zoghal Akhteh in English?

Zoghal akhteh in English is called Cornelian Cherry.

4. Can I freeze Cornelian cherry jam?

Usually, for long-term storage of jam, it should be kept in sterilized glass jars, both in the refrigerator and in the cabinet, away from sunlight, jam can be stored for a long time.


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