Moraba Albaloo Recipe”Persian Sour Cherry Jam” in 30 min

An excellent sour cherry jam that is drained from cherries and has a sweet and sour taste

It is possible to prepare a unique Moraba albaloo in the summer season, a jam with red and delicious gems that will satisfy any taste. Sour cherry has many properties that can be a very good treatment for your body.

Its red color indicates the presence of rich antioxidants in it, which is considered a strong cleanser for blood and liver cleanliness.

During my childhood, whenever summer came, except for school holidays, one of our joys was summer fruits and jams.
Many delicious fruits appear in the summer and are always in our house. My mother made all kinds of strawberry and sour cherry jams for us this season. The color of albaloo jam is dark red, and its taste is sour and sweet.

The way to prepare moraba albaloo is very simple, and you only need sour cherries, sugar, summer mood, and some empty jars. So stay with us with meals cook site in this article.

How to make moraba albaloo? (Moraba albaloo recipe)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to prepare delicious Iranian Sour cherry jam step by step. I will explain the necessary ingredients, calories, cooking methods, and how to serve this delicious jam.
If you like to have a natural and homemade jam at home and on the breakfast table, don’t miss this article.


How to make moraba albaloo

For: 6 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Calories per 100 grams of sour cherry jam: 158 calories

Ingredients moraba albaloo:

Ingredients moraba albaloo


Seedless sour cherries 2.2 pound
Sugar 2 pound

How do seedless cherries?

Instruction moraba albaloo:

instruction for moraba albaloo

1. Washing sour cherries and removing the core

In the first step, wash the sour cherries, let them dry almost completely, and remove their excess water. Then, remove the core of the cherries. You can use whatever method is most convenient for you to remove the core of the sour cherry.

Open the sour cherries with the help of your hands and remove their cores, or use a knife. Some take help to separate the core of the sour cherry from the reed.

It should be mentioned that the tool used to separate the sour cherry core is very simple, its price is low, and it is easy to work with it.

It is better to use a tool to save time and increase the amount of sour cherries you can use to make jam. In manual mode, some of the juice and texture of the sour cherry will come out.

step 1 moraba albaloo

2. Adding sugar to sour cherries

step 2 moraba albaloo

Taste a few sour cherries to know how much sugar is suitable for making your sour cherry jam. If it is sour, use a kilo of sugar; if it is sweet or bitter, you can use a smaller amount of sugar (about 900 grams).

Pour a thin layer of sour cherries into a suitable pot. Pour some sugar into the sour cherries to cover the entire surface of the fruits; repeat this process until the sugar and sour cherries are finished.

3. Excess water from the sour cherries

Pour a cup of boiling water over the sour cherries and sugar, close the pot, and put it in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours so that the excess water of the sour cherries is absorbed with the help of sugar (this jam does not need to use additional water).

4. Put the sour cherries in the pot on the heat

step 4 moraba albaloo

After the specified time, put the pot on medium heat. Be sure not to increase or decrease the heat during the cooking time because this will prolong the cooking time and darken the color of your sour cherry jam.

When you put the pot on the heat, the jam will start boiling from the sides, and the sugar will melt. At this stage, the sour cherries are watered. Slowly move the sour cherries from the sides to the middle of the pot with a spoon.

5. Consistency of moraba albaloo

To make the jam clear, be sure to remove the foam

To prepare this jam, be sure to use a pot that can double or triple the ingredients. When the jam boils, the level of the content inside the pot is ready, which leads to the jam overflow, so be sure to pay attention to this point.

To make the jam clear, be sure to remove the foam that collects on the pot’s surface with the help of a spoon or any other suitable tool so that you have a high-quality jam in the end.

6. Methods of testing the consistency of sour cherry jam

When you feel that the syrup of the jam has reached the right concentration, and while separating the foam of the jam, the juice will spring up from the spoon, which means that the jam has reached its consistency.

Methods of testing the consistency of sour cherry jam

The second way to test the consistency of the syrup is to pour some jam juice into a saucer and put it in the refrigerator to cool.

Then, with the help of your finger, draw the jam juice from the middle; if it does not immediately return to the original state, or in other words, the jam juice moves slowly and slowly, it means that your jam syrup has reached its consistency.

In the third method to test the concentration of the syrup, you can test a few drops of the jam between two fingers. If it is sticky and elastic, it means it has reached the right consistency, and you should turn off the heat.

step 6 moraba albaloo

In general, it should not take more than half an hour to reach the consistency of jam; too much boiling of jam will darken the color of your jam.

This issue causes the color of the jam to darken or the fruits of your jam to be too soft and crushed. Due to the nature and dominant taste of sour cherry fruit, there is no need to add lemon juice to prepare this jam.

If you follow the cooking time and tips we have taught you in this article, you will have high-quality jams without sugar.

7. Pouring moraba albaloo in a jar

moraba albaloo is ready

After the jam has completely cooled down in the pot where it was cooked, it is time to transfer it to the final jars. Note that to prevent the jam from spoiling or getting moldy, be sure to use tightly closed jars.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the glasses are completely clean, dry, and free of any kind of dirt and grease.

How to serve moraba albaloo?

You can serve sour cherry jam(moraba albaloo) as breakfast, along with butter, Persian tea, nan barbari, and nan sangak.

Sour cherries are used to prepare jam, sharbate albaloo, sour cherry tea, lavashak, albaloo polo, torshi albaloo, and many others. Moraba albaloo is one of the most popular types of jams consumed during different meals and even eaten with some foods in some cities.

Considering that it is not possible to access this delicious fruit at all times of the year, we suggest preparing this jam and storing it throughout the year.

5 key points of making sour cherry jam(moraba albaloo) to prevent it from becoming moldy

5 key points of making sour cherry jam to prevent it from becoming moldy

  • Sour cherries with a lighter color are much more suitable for making jam, ultimately resulting in a more colorful jam.
  • When buying sour cherries, pay attention to their appearance. Sour cherries with a round and spherical appearance can easily be pitted, but sour cherries with a small groove at the bottom, similar to a depression, are not suitable for making jam at all. They are crushed and lose their texture and shape completely.
  • To make sour cherry jam, use only pure sour cherries. Transplanted sour cherries, which look almost bigger than normal sour cherries, are not suitable for making jam at all.
  • Jam consistency has a great impact on jam quality. A jam that does not have the necessary consistency will mold. A jam that has been boiled and thickened too much will become sugary or gummy. Pay attention to the concentration of jam juice, which will increase after cooling.
  • If, in the middle of cooking the jam, you notice that your sour cherries are too watery and that it may take a long time to reach the consistency of the jam, you can use a spatula to separate the sour cherries from the juice. Now, let the juice boil on its own and reach the consistency.
  • After reaching the syrup consistency, add sour cherries to the syrup and let it boil for five minutes, then turn off the heat. Note that the spoon you use inside the jam must be clean and dry because using a wet spoon causes moraba albaloo to mold.

this is made by:


If you’re brand new to the world of harvesting and preserving fruit, pitting cherries means removing the seed (or pit) from the cherry. Unfortunately, the pits of cherries are too hard to eat, so you have to pit each and every one.

In 2019, I tested 6 different methods of pitting:

  • knife
  • chopstick
  • metal straw
  • single cherry pitter
  • multiple cherry pitter
  • crank cherry pitter

While all of them work, I definitely found my favourites! Also, if you want to purchase one of the actual cherry pitters, it’s best to think ahead and purchase a couple of weeks before it’s cherry season. I found last year that if you wait until the season is here, everything is sold out.


1. How long does it take to cook sour cherry jam?

Cooking moraba albaloo takes about 30 minutes. Cooking for more than 30 minutes will darken and crush the jam.

2. How much water should we pour for moraba albaloo?

There is no need to add water to make moraba albaloo. But if the gas flame was high or the sour cherries were low in water, you can use a glass of boiling water.

3. How to prevent moraba albaloo from becoming moldy?

Paying attention to jam concentration during cooking is the most important factor. Very thick and hard jam is susceptible to sugar. It is common to use lemon juice to prevent the sugaring of jam. Inadequate concentration and the use of wet spoons and spatulas are important factors in jam mold.


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