Sharbat e Albaloo Recipe{in 20 min} Best Sour Cherry Syrup

Sharbat e albaloo is one of the delicious Persian drinks. Serving syrup is a long-standing tradition of Iranians! This is the reason why summer drinks are popular in Iranian culture. As the summer season approaches and the heat begins, various sherbets are made at home and in cafes around the city. One of these popular and delicious syrups is.

Sharbat e albaloo is one of the most delicious and colorful cool summer syrups. This syrup has many fans in summer, and besides its natural taste and color, the properties of sharbate albaloo make it a healthy and useful summer syrup. We should learn how to make cherry syrup and enjoy making it at summer parties.

Sour cherry syrup, moraba albaloo, cherry marmalade, and cherry juice are among the products that are made in Iranian homes when the summer season arrives. However, we also have a delicious pilaf called albaloo polo, in which the presence of sour cherries on top of the rice gives it a very pleasant taste.

The way to prepare sharbat e albaloo is very simple and you only need to mix the amount of sour cherry and sugar according to the recipe and put it on the heat so that it gets a nice color and does not add sugar. Sour cherries and the syrup made from them are very popular and are used to relieve heatstroke and quench thirst, and making this syrup for when you have guests makes the table beautiful and welcoming.

In this article, we talk about how to make homemade sharbat e albaloo and the properties it for hot and long summer days. So be with us in this article on meals cook site.

How to make sharbat e albaloo? (Sharbat albaloo recipe)

How to make sharbat e albaloo

For: 6 people

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


Fresh sour cherries 2.2 pound
Sugar 3.3 pound
lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon
Water as needed

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Instruction sharbat e albaloo

1. In the first step of making sharbat e albaloo, you must remove the tail or stem of the sour cherries and then wash them well. Next, spread the sour cherries on a textile towel to dry well.

step 1 sharbate albaloo

2. Now, we have to remove the core of the sour cherries carefully. Perhaps this stage can be considered the most difficult stage in the preparation of syrup because it requires a lot of patience and precision. In any case, for this, you can use tools such as a core remover or at least separate them with your hands and a knife.

3. In this step of how to make this drink, you should choose a large pot and pour some sour cherries into it. Then sprinkle sugar on them. Repeat this procedure until all the sour cherries are well coated with sugar, and fill the dish. Now, you have to put the pot in the refrigerator for 10 to 12 hours to rest.

step 3 sharbat e albaloo

4. In this part, it is necessary to put the pot on low heat and add a little water to it so that the sour cherries are cooked well. Be careful that we don’t want to add too much water to them. This will cause the syrup to water down and not find the required concentration. Similarly, you are not supposed to stir the sour cherries that much. Rather, turning them over several times will be enough.

step 4 sharbat e albaloo

5. During boiling and better mixing of sour cherries with sugar, the foam will form on the surface of the contents of the pot. In this part, you have to remove this foam and throw it away. Also, when the sour cherries are cooked to the desired level, you should remove the pot from the heat and set it aside.

step 5 sharbat e albaloo

6. Now, use a clean strainer to separate the flesh of the sour cherries and the remaining water or syrup. While doing this, be careful that the sweet cherry syrup does not spill out.

Now, after squeezing the sour cherry fruit for a while, put it in another container to be used to prepare moraba albaloo or foods like albaloo polo. In this way, in the way of making homemade sharbat e albaloo, you will also have ready-made sour cherries for making albaloo polo.

7. Now, you have to put the refined sharbat e albaloo on gentle heat again until it reaches the ideal concentration and texture. During this time, don’t forget to collect unwanted foam and throw them away. Remember that collecting these foams is very important in making a professional and uniform cherry syrup.

8. During the slow boiling of the cherry syrup, we suggest adding half a teaspoon of lemon essence to it, so that this simple task prevents the sharbate albaloo from turning sugary. Finally, continue the boiling step until the cherry syrup thickens. Just note that after turning off the flame, the syrup will be thicker.

sharbate albaloo is ready


notes for sharbat e albaloo

  • If you plan to boil sour cherries with seeds in a pot to make syrup and then remove the seeds with a strainer, we suggest not doing this for two reasons. First, if there is worm infestation in the sour cherry, it is not noticed due to not removing the core from the cherry flesh, and you may boil the sour cherries with all their damage. Second, by doing this, you save yourself extra trouble, and again, to use sour cherry fruit in jam or cherry pie, you have to crush the cooked fruit in some way to remove the core. In fact, the way to prepare sharbat e albaloo with kernels is a more difficult process, and the result may not be satisfactory enough.
  • How long the drink should boil depends entirely on the amount of sour cherries and sugar you use. For example, this time in making this Iranian drink can take from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Although the speed of preparation of this syrup is more than what we have in the case of how to prepare watermelon juice, its excellent taste is worth this time.
  • In the method of making sharbat e albaloo as a summer syrup, separating its kernels is an important issue that you must remember. Remember to be careful when removing the cherry cores.
  • When boiling the sharbat e albaloo, do not use too low heat because it will cause the final syrup to go rancid.
  • Be careful that you should not use lemon juice in large quantities in the method of making this syrup. In the way of making this Iranian drink, we generally do not use lemon juice.
  • Before sharbate albaloo thickens, remove the syrup pot from the heat. Because when it cools down and loses heat, the syrup becomes concentrated again.

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1. How long does sharbat e albaloo last?

You can store cherry syrup in the refrigerator for up to two years.

2. What should we do if sharbate albaloo turns sugary?

Cherry syrup usually does not add sugar. But if sharbat e albaloo has sugar, add a small amount of boiling water and boil the syrup again until the sugar dissolves.

3. How to make sharbate albaloo?

After removing the cherry core, just put all the ingredients together in a pot and when the concentration of the cherry syrup is enough, remove it from the heat.

4. What are the necessary ingredients to make sharbat e albaloo?

The ingredients to make cherry syrup are very simple. You don’t need to bother yourself by buying complicated ingredients. Sour cherry fruit, water, and sugar are the main ingredients, but you can add more flavor to cherry syrup by using rose water, vanilla, and lemon juice.

5. How many people is the required amount mentioned in this recipe for making sharbat e albaloo?

The listed amounts are enough for 6 people.

6. Why does sharbat e albaloo mold?

Moldy cherry syrup is probably because the syrup has not thickened enough.

7. Why does sharbat e albaloo turn sour?

The amount of syrup must be much more than the water in the glass.


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