Best Abgoosht {Dizi} In a Pressure Cooker Recipe in 5 Steps

Whenever the name Abgoosht comes in my mind, I remember Friday noon and family lunch. There is no sign of those days left, but we still eat Abgoosht on Friday at noon. It is a very healthy and excellent dish. Which, of course, is not very interesting for children.

I remember when I was a child and every Friday lunch we gathered together in my grandmother’s house the launch was abgusht, but those days I did’nt like this at all.

My grandmother insisted me to eat this food, because it is nutritious food, but I didn’t eat it. Now that I have grown up and after many years of eating this delicious food and I want to eat this delicious and nutritious food every day.

This food is a combination of peas and beans, lamb meat, water, tomato paste and limoo amani. It is an attractive combination that is full of vitamins and proteins.

Now it is time to learn the step-by-step recipe for cooking abgoosht. So be with us in this article with meals cook.

For: 4 people

Preparation and cooking time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Calories in 100 grams of abgoosht is 96 calories

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Ingredients for abgoosht:

ingredient for abgoosht

Mutton neck meat 600 grams
Medium onions 2 pcs
Medium potatoes 8 pcs
White beans half a cup
Chick Peas half a cup
Tomatoes 3 pcs
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
Salt, black pepper, turmeric powder as needed
Limoo Amani 3 pcs
Fat as needed
Tarragon and marzeh 1 piece

Abgoosht recipe in Pressure Cooker :


1. First, the chick peas and beans should be soaked and rinsed several times to remove the air in the peas and beans.

Then I add the Mutton neck meat and onions, chick peas and beans, potatoes and tomatoes to the pressure cooker.

2. Then I fill the pressure cooker up to two-thirds of water and put it on the gas for an hour so that all the ingredients cook together. After an hour, open the pressure cooker and check that the ingredients are fully cooked.


3. Then I separate the potatoes and onions from the ingredients. Then I fry two spoons of tomato paste with oil.

Roasting the paste is because it gives a better color and taste to the meat and makes the meat more colorful. After roasting for two minutes, I add the spice paste to the tomato paste and mix completely.

4. In the next step, I add the roasted paste and spices to the pressure cooker. At the same time, I add salt, marzeh, tarragon and Limoo Amani . I usually remove the skin and seeds of limo amani and chop the lemons and add them to the broth.


5. In the last step, we allow the ingredients to boil for half an hour without the door and the broth becomes thick.

In the last step, I separate the water. The rest of the ingredients are mixed together and pounded and goosht koobideh(pounded meat) is prepared. This dish can be eaten with Persian pickles and Sangak bread or Barbari bread.



abgoosht is ready

What is served with abgoosht?

The juice of this food is usually mixed with dry bread and eaten. However, the pounded meat is also eaten with Barbari bread or Sangak bread. As a side dish, they use Persian pickled garlic, torshi liteh, and sabzi khordan.
Persian doogh is the best option next to this food as a very nutritious and healthy drink.

Health benefits of Abgoosht

benefits for abgoosht

Mutton: This dish is prepared from mutton, which has a very Warm fuzzies and is suitable for children and the elderly.
Chick Peas and legumes: they have a lot of calcium and are suitable for people with osteoporosis.
Spices: It is suitable for treating fatty liver and regulating liver enzymes.
Onion: It is an excellent source of antioxidants and excellent for the human body
Sabzi khordan: it is a pharmacy of vitamins, nutrients and fiber.
Sangak bread: rich in fiber and bran and suitable for skin and hair.

Abgoosht (Persian:Âbguštpronounced [ɒːbˈɡuːʃt]; literally “meat broth”) is an Iranian stew. It is also called dizi (Persian: , pronounced [diːˈziː]), which refers to the traditional stoneware crocks it is served in. Some describe it as a “hearty mutton Persian soup thickened with chickpeas.”[1]


History :

History of abgoosht

The exact presence of dizi among Iranians is not exactly known but the oldest document found that mentions this dish dates back to the 8th century. Of course, in the old texts, this dish is not mentioned by the name abgoosht and it is mostly called “Shorbaj“.

Also much earlier than this, this food was common among the people as nokhod-ab or yakhni. Therefore, cooking food with abgoosht content goes back years ago.

Of course, the name Yakhni is still heard in some cities like Kazeroon and Shiraz which is a food like dizi. But in general,this is a food that is common in almost all of Iran and it is currently the food of the middle class of the society.

In the past, this dish was also known as party food and served as a hearty dish at parties.

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goosht koobideh

Notes :

notes for abgoosht

  • For a better and red color of the meat, be sure to use chicken tomato paste. And you should fry the tomato paste in a separate container with oil for two minutes.
  • To get the bitterness of limoo amani, put it in boiling water two hours before.
  • The best meat for making broth is neck meat because it is both fatty and very crispy and tender, and it makes the food taste more delicious.
  • There are other ways to prepare abgoosht, such as cooking in a pot the night before and cooking abgoosht in a daisy, which is very tasty.
  • To make it fatter, you can cook a little sheep tail at the same time as the meats.

FAQ for Abgoosht:

faq for abgoosht

1. What should we do so that Abgoosht does not become bitter?

To prevent this food from becoming bitter, use lemon juice or remove the bitterness by soaking limoo amani.

2. What should we do to glaze abgusht?

Adding some potatoes and cooking on low heat makes it glazed.

3. What is served with Dizi?

Abgoosht or Dizi is served with mast o musir, sir torshi, torshi albaloo, torshi liteh and Persian doogh.

4. Can I freeze abgosht?

Yes, you can freeze this food for 2 weeks.

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