Easy Tas Kabab Irani Recipe Healthy & Delicious in 7 Steps

Tas Kebab is one of those foods that I don’t like. But it’s great for health and being included in children’s food baskets, and whenever my mother made this dish, I didn’t eat it and got excused. But when I got older, I realized that I made a mistake.

I was really missing out on a great meal. I suggest you use a little for your children. Be sure to use it in your weekly food basket. Because it ensures the food health of the family.

How to make tas kabab?

Tas Kabab is one of the most delicious traditional Iranian foods cooked with various raw materials along with beef or large mutton, and its slow cooking has resulted in a delicious cooked brain dish with a tempting aroma.

Tas kabab recipe

Preparing Tas Kabab is very easy, but because the meat and the rest of the food must be cooked, it must be cooked slowly and with a gentle heat, and it requires patience so that it becomes smooth and thick as well as the original taste.

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


ingredient tas kabab

Mutton 0.7 pound
Potatoes 3 pcs
Carrot 3 pcs
Onion 2 pcs
Tomatoes 2 pcs
Quince fruit 3 pcs
Aloo Bukhara As much as you like
Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
Amani lemon powder 1 tablespoon
Cooking oil as much as needed
Turmeric, salt, pepper, and cinnamon as much as needed


1. In the old days, they pounded the meat of the tas kabab, but now in preparing this kabob, cut the meat as you like. Usually, like other stewed meats, this meat is cut into squares. 

2. Then go to the vegetables and cut them all into rings. Be aware that vegetables are cooked at different times, and we will tell you when to add each one to the kebab dice. 

step 2 tas kabab

3. Wash and slice the quince fruit. Then soak it in a bowl of water along with Bukhara plums. You can do this before you start cooking.

4. Take a suitable pot and pour some oil on its bottom. Now you have to arrange the ingredients on the bottom of the pot. First, put the onions in the hot oil, and then add the meat, carrots, plums, and beets. Pour some water into the ingredients to cook all the ingredients. 

add water to pot tas kabab

5. This Stew is very low in water, and you don’t need to submerge the ingredients in water. After ensuring the meat and other vegetables are cooked, add the potatoes and tomatoes to the rest of the ingredients.

step 5 tas kabab

6. Let the stew cook slowly. At this stage, fry the paste with oil and other spices. This will make the kebab tastier. Check the potatoes; if they are slightly undercooked, add the paste mixture and other seasonings to the pot.

After this step, another 30 minutes is enough to cook the tas kabab.

7. Now your food is ready. Eat and enjoy it.

tas kabab is ready

Tas kabab is served with mast o musir, mast o khiar, zeytoon pavardeh, torshi albaloo and Persian doogh.

What is tas kabab?

What is tas kabab

This delicious Iranian food is cooked in different ways in all cities, and its best advantage is that it is not limited to a specific recipe; you can add or reduce different ingredients according to your taste and cook this delicious food with more variety every time.

Tas kabab is a wholesome and satisfying meal any time of the year, but they seem even more appealing in the cold fall and winter months.

This dish combines warming spices with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cumin, which has made this kabob have several different colors and flavors. This simple meat stew is something out of the ordinary.

The meat and vegetables are layered and cooked slowly to retain their shape and color instead of mixing. The ingredients used in this stew are onions, carrots, beets, and potatoes, which can be prepared all year round. In the olden days, Tas Kebab was considered the meal of the autumn season.

Now you might be wondering where the name of this dish comes from. In ancient times the special copper dishes for this stew were called “tas”. For this reason, the name Tas remained on this dish, and today, we call all types of this stew Tas Kabab.

Of course, the name tas kebab is also derived from the pounded red meat of this stew. Tas Kabab is traditionally made with red meat of beef or lamb, but in recent years, chicken has also been substituted for red meat.

However, it is better to call it chicken stew which differs from tas kabab.

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What meat is suitable for tas kabab?

What meat is suitable for tas kabab

Tas Kabab is traditionally made with beef or lamb. In some cases, to avoid using red meat, some recipes substitute chicken, but then it’s just chicken feed and shouldn’t be called Tas Kebab!

What distinguishes This kabob from other meat stews and Iranian stew recipes is the shape and texture of the meat in it.

To spread the meat, cubed pieces of beef or mutton are cut into equal sizes and then pounded with a meat grinder.

Now that you are familiar with tas kabab, it is time to learn the recipe for this delicious food. So be with the meals cook site in this article.

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Following are the various health benefits of Aloo Bukhara:

1. Constipation Relief

Plums and prune juice are well known to relieve constipation as they contain an ample amount of fiber.

Fiber prevents constipation by adding bulk to the stool. Therefore, it helps in eliminating waste from your body. Moreover, prune, and its juice contains sorbitol that has laxative effects.

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Notes for tas kabab:

Notes for tas kabab

  • Fresh garlic gives a good taste and aroma to Yazdi kebab cubes.
  • Substituting fresh lemon juice with Omani lemon powder for people who don’t like the taste of Omani lemons.
  • This kabob should be made thick and thin.
  • Tas Kebab should be cooked on low flame to reach consistency.
  • Cook the this food patiently until the ingredients taste well combined.

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FAQ for tas kabab:

faq for tas kabab

1. What ingredients do you need to make tas kebab?

Meat, carrots, potatoes, onions, plums, tomatoes, and aromatic spices are the basic ingredients of Yazdi kebab.

2. Why is this stew called tas kabab?

In ancient times, a copper vessel was used for cooking this stew, and this copper vessel was called Tas. Since they used minced sheep or beef in the recipe for Tas Kebab, the name of this stew is Tas Kebab.

3. What is served with tas kabab?

Tas kabab is served with mast o musir, mast o khiar, zeytoon pavardeh, torshi albaloo and Persian doogh.

4. Can I freeze tas kabab?

Yes, you can keep this food in the freezer for a month, and then heat it completely after removing it from the freezer.

5. Can vegans eat this food?

Yes, if we remove the meat from this dish, this dish with potatoes and vegetables is very suitable for vegans.

6. Is this food suitable for children?

Yes, this food is very suitable for children due to having potatoes and meat and not having a lot of oil.

7. What is the main ingredient in Tas kabab?

Meat, potatoes, carrot , onion and tomatoes are the main ingredients in tas kabab.

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