Kaleh Joosh Recipe “Persian Curd & Onions Stew”+5 Benefits

If you are looking for a protein-rich and nutritious food, kaleh joosh is the best option. Usually in Isfahan, people of this city use this nutritious food for breakfast. Because of this, the people of this city are very strong and healthy.

Kaleh joosh is one of the traditional and authentic Iranian dishes. The origin of this dish goes back to Isfahan. The ingredients of kaleh joosh are curd, walnuts, and mint but in some regions instead of curd they use yogurt to prepare it, which also has a unique taste.

Today in meals cook we will teach you how to prepare Esfahani kaleh joosh, so stay with us.

Kaleh joosh recipe

Due to the use of curd in it, kaleh joosh is a rich and complete source of calcium, which is very suitable for the health, growth, and healing of bones. According to traditional medicine, it is hot and dry which is highly recommended for people who have a phlegmatic temperament.

They do not use meat in the original way of cooking and the preparation time is very short. But in some regions such as Tabriz and Zanjan, minced meat is used in kaleh joosh.

How to make kaleh joosh

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes


ingredient for kale joosh

Curd 200 grams
Onion 1 large
Chopped walnut kernels 2 tablespoons
Dried mint 2 tablespoons
Salt, turmeric and black pepper as much as needed


1. First peel and wash the onion and then cut it into small pieces.

step 1 kale joosh

2. In the next step choose a suitable pan and pour some liquid oil into it and let it heat up. Then pour the chopped onions in the pan and stir until they are fried and their texture is a little soft.

step 2 kale joosh

3. After the onions are golden, add some salt and turmeric to the onion and stir well until the ingredients are completely uniform. Fry some ingredients in the meantime and then add the chopped walnuts to the pan and stir the ingredients again and fry them together.

step 3 kale joosh

4. To prepare fried mint, prepare a separate pan and pour some oil in it and put it on the gas stove with low flame until it gets hot. Then add the mint to the pan and fry. Be careful not to fry the mint in oil too much. Because in this case the mint becomes bitter and spoils the taste of the food.

5. After the mint is ready, add two cups of boiling water to the onions and let it boil. After the water boils add the fried mint and stir.

6. To prepare the curd, pour the grated curd in a small bowl and add a cup of water to it and try to dilute the curd in the water. After the curd is diluted, add it to the pot and let it cook for a few minutes.

step 6 for kale joosh

7. After kaleh joosh is ready pour it in a beautiful bowl and decorate it with fried onions and walnuts and eat it.

step 7 kale joosh

History of kaleh joosh?

history of kaleh joosh

The province and city of Qazvin are famous in the field of cooking as well! The traditional sweets and baklavas of Qazvin are very diverse and each one has a wonderful and unique taste.

It is not bad to know that Qazvin is one of the pioneer cities in the field of traditional sweets since ancient times.
One of the famous and very popular dishes of Qazvin is Kale Josh. It is interesting to know that Kale Josh is one of the traditional dishes even in the desert areas of Iran for the last 100 years.

Kale food has a warm temperament and is rich in calcium and phosphorus! For this reason, it is mostly used in the cold months of the year.

Be careful, the nutritional value of boiled cabbage is due to the use of curd, And its most important property is to prevent osteoporosis.

Kaleh joosh is a type of ash that has been prepared by Iranians since ancient times with different recipes.

To serve this food you must chop bread inside it and serve it with barbari bread or sangak bread, sabzi khordan . Kal joosh and dal adas are the best Persian appetizer,

Notes for kale joosh:

notes for persian kale joosh

  • You can use some fried garlic in addition to the fried onion to make this food more delicious.
  • In some regions they also use rice and cobs to prepare kaleh joosh.
  • Prepare the kaleh joosh esfahani which was taught to you is suitable for four people. If there are more or less people change the ratio of ingredients.
  • Adding garlic or removing it is a matter of taste.
  • Each curd has a different amount of salt, so taste it before adding salt to the curd and add salt if needed.
  • Be careful in all cases, mint and garlic burn quickly and make the food taste bitter.
  • The energy of this food varies between 105 and 250 kcal according to its ingredients.

FAQ for kaleh joosh

faq for kaleh joosh

1. What is served with kal joosh?

Kaleh joosh is served with nan barbari , nan sangak and sabzi khordan.

2. How many calories are in each spoon of kale joosh?

Each 100 grams of kal joosh has between 105 and 250 kcal of energy, depending on the ingredients and the type of cooking.

3. Can I freeze this food?

No, you can serve it fresh.

4. What is the main ingredient in kaleh joosh?

Curd is the main ingredient in kaleh joosh.

5. Is kal joosh healthy?

Yes, this food is very good and useful for the body because it has curd and curd is full of protein.

6. Can vegans eat this food?

Yes, this dish is excellent for vegetarians because it does not contain meat or chicken and contains curd.

7. Is this food suitable for children?

Yes, this food is very suitable for children due to its healthy and high protein content.

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