Best Mash Polo Step By Step Recipe+10 Mung Beans Benefits

Mash polo is one of the traditional foods of Gorgan, which is prepared with various ingredients.
As one of the traditional and forgotten Iranian rice dishes, mash polo has many properties, and it is especially used to make different types of pilaf for parties.

When it is placed next to minced meat, chicken, or fish, it makes the table beautiful.

Preparing mash polo is easy, and you don’t need any cooking skills to make this food. And even this pilaf is prepared with minimal ingredients and low cost, which doesn’t take much of your time. You only need to follow the cooking tips to cook this delicious rice.

How to make mash polo? (Mash polo recipe)

Legumes have a special place among us Iranians for cooking, and we have all kinds of pilaf with all kinds of legumes, each of which has its own properties and taste, such as mash polo, adas polo, etc. are very popular among people.

Mung bean is one of the most special legumes, but because it is likely to remain raw during cooking, it is not used much in food.

The way to prepare mash polo is similar to loobia polo or adas polo, and if you love these two foods, you will also enjoy eating mash polo. A delicious and traditional and completely Iranian dish that is prepared for lunch or dinner.

In the following, we will introduce you to how to prepare mash polo in the cooking section of meals cook site, which can be a suitable option for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

How to make mash polo

For: 4 people

Preparation time:

Cooking time: 45 to 60 minutes


ingredient for mash polo


Minced meat 0/5 pound
Onion 1
Rice 3 cups
Mung beans 1 cup
Salt, black pepper, and turmeric as needed
Oil  as needed
Brewed saffron 1 cup
Raisins (for decoration) as needed
Barberry (for decoration) as needed


In preparing simple mash polo, one of the local foods of Gonbad kavus, like the preparation of adas polo, you must soak the beans the night before. We advise soaking the mung beans for about 12 hours and changing the water several times. After that, mung beans will be ready to use in food.

1. To prepare this traditional food of Gonbad kavoos, you must first rinse the soaked mung beans and discard the water.

Choose a suitable pot and transfer mung beans to the pot. Pour water as much as a finger on the mung bean surface and close the pot lid.

Then, put the pot on the heat. This mung bean is placed in the middle of the rice, so it is better not to cook it for more than 1 hour. After cooking, rinse the mung beans and set aside.

step 1 mash polo


2. While cooking mung beans, peel the onion, wash it and grate it. Take the grated onion juice so that your meat does not taste bad. Then, put the minced meat in a suitable bowl, combine with onion and knead.

step 2 mash polo

3. After kneading the meat, add turmeric, salt, and black pepper and knead again until the spices are well combined with the minced meat and onion.

step 3 mash polo


4. Rest the meat in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, remove the meat from the refrigerator and prepare it as small and round patties (meatballs).

5. Put a pan on the heat and pour some oil until it gets hot. After the oil and the pan are hot, fry the meatballs in the oil. Place the meats in a dish covered with a towel. This will help remove excess oil from your meatballs.

step 5 mash polo

6. Clean the rice, wash it, and soak it for an hour. After that, transfer the rice to a suitable pot and pour warm or lukewarm water on it so that a knuckle on your rice is filled with water.

step 6 mash polo

7. Add salt and oil to the rice and reduce the heat. Allow your rice to soften a little, and be ready to rinse. After draining the rice, choose a suitable pot and pour some oil.

step 7 mash polo

8. You can use potatoes for tahdig sibzamini of this delicious food. Peel the potato and slice it; Then put them on the bottom of the pot. Of course, you can also use bread.

step 8 mash polo

9. After that, pour the rice into the pot in layers. Pour a little mung bean and add the meat ingredients in the first layer on the bottom of the pot. Then, pour another layer of rice and place the meat and mung beans on it again. This work continues until the end of rice and meat.

You can also read kale pache and khoresh ghormeh sabzi recipe.

step 9 mash polo

10. Finally, pour brewed saffron on the rice’s surface and close the pot’s lid. It takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes for the rice to be steamed and ready.

step 10 mash polo

11. After the pilaf is ready, pour it into a serving dish. Garnish the rice with meat and some raisins or barberries fried in oil, and enjoy.

At the end of preparing mash polo, we must say that if you plan to travel to the north of Iran and Golestan province and want to try the local foods of this city, mash polo is one of those delicious foods.

This persian mash polo is served with salad shirazi, mast o musir, mast o khiar, and seer torshi.

mash polo is ready

Properties of mung beans

Properties of mung beans

Mung beans are rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium, which are very useful for the body. The calcium in mung beans strengthens bone tissue and prevents osteoporosis. The ingredients in this food strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Other benefits of mung beans include improving the digestive system and treating constipation. Also, mung bean consumption helps to maintain heart health by preventing blood pressure increase.

Mung beans provide part of the body’s need for iron and will be useful for treating anemia caused by iron deficiency.

One cup (202g) of boiled and drained mung beans provides 212 calories, 0.8 grams of fat, 38.8 grams of carbohydrates, and 14.2 grams of protein. Mung beans are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, copper, and B vitamins. The following nutrition information, for one cup of cooked and drained mung beans, is provided by the USDA.1

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Notes for mash polo:

notes for mash polo

  • The mung bean may stick to the pot’s lid when cooked. These mung bean seeds are almost firmer than others, but you can remove them from the pot lid after cooking. That’s why you won’t have raw or hard mung beans in the pot.
  • You can use simple minced meat cooked with onion, chicken breast pieces, beard chicken, or muscle meat pieces instead of meatballs. You can also prepare and serve this food with tuna and fish; It all depends on your taste.
  • The ratio of mung beans to raw materials and rice will be 1 to 3: one cup of mung beans and 3 cups of rice. You can increase the ratio of rice and beans based on this size.
  • When cleaning mung beans, separating the smaller ones is better because these seeds are usually left uncooked and raw.
  • The size of the meatballs in this food should be the size of a hazelnut.
  • When brewing rice, if you wish, you can add some dry or fresh dill next to it.
  • According to your taste, serve mash polo with pickles such as torshi liteh or salad.
  • You can also decorate this food with fried onions or grated and fried carrots.

FAQ for mash polo:

1. How to cook mash polo deliciously?

Adding a lot of saffron, a little cinnamon, and butter makes this food more delicious.

2. How to prepare mash polo with minced meat?

Soak mung beans and rice and cook with some water. Then drain them and pour them in the pot layered with fried minced meat.

3. What is the difference between Afghan and iranian mash polo?

Simple mash polo is made from rice, mung beans, and onions, but Afghani mash polo has chicken, condensed yogurt, tomato puree, masala spices, garlic, and ginger.


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