Fast Baghali Ghatogh Recipe+Step by Step{in 20 minutes}

I think it’s almost common sense that when the name “Baghali Ghatogh” comes our minds unconsciously pack their bags and travel to the north of the country. In my opinion this food alone is enough to introduce Rasht as an edible creative city in the list of UNESCO’s creative cities network. Baghali ghatogh is a very simple and healthy food that can be prepared in a short time.

This food is almost a regular part of all the menus of restaurants in Rasht because, for many travelers, no baghali ghatogh tastes the same as those made in Rasht. This food is made with pach baghala and you must be wondering what the difference is between pache baghala and agricultural beans.

There are two types of local beans. Fresh and dry. In order to cook baghali ghatogh it is necessary to peel the local beans, and this is called Pach Baghala peeled local beans. Of course, some people use agricultural beans in cooking this food in such a way that they first soak them and then peel them.

But the taste of baghali ghatogh cooked with pach baghala is another thing. In the Gilaki language, Pach means short and dwarf, so Pach Baghala probably means short beans.
Bafgali ghatogh or baghala ghatogh is a delicious and hearty Iranian stew that is cooked with the least and simplest ingredients and a dish with eggs and beans is very hearty and filling.

Fava bean stew is a food belonging to the north of our beloved country, but this delicious and tasty food has many fans in all parts of Iran. This food is usually used as the main meal.

How to make baghali ghatogh? (Baghali ghatogh recipe)

How to make baghali ghatogh

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


ingredient baghali ghatogh

Pach Baghala Rashti (agricultural beans) 1.1 pound
Crushed garlic 4 cloves
Dry dill 4 tablespoons
Eggs 2 pcs
Water 2 or 3 glasses
Salt, pepper, and turmeric as needed
Oil as much as needed

Instruction for baghali ghatogh:

Instruction for baghali ghatogh

1. Soak baghala

first step baghali ghatogh

To prepare baghali ghatogh you must use agricultural beans or Rashti beans, which are called “pach baghala” in the local language. First, you need to soak the beans. 4-5 hours is enough, and they change their water twice in this interval.

2. Peel the beans

After this time and before cooking the beans, drain the beans to remove their excess water. Peel the beans and cut them in half.

3. Preparing ingredients for baghali ghatogh

Preparing ingredients for baghali ghatogh

To cook this stew, pour some oil in a pot and fry 4 grated or crushed garlic in the oil until the smell of garlic does not rise too much and the garlic does not burn. Instead of liquid oil, you can use animal oil it depends on your taste. The amount of garlic also depends on your taste. You can add more garlic.

When the garlic is fried, and the smell of garlic rises a little, add the drained beans and fry. Add turmeric and fresh or dry dill, which is a green bean, and fry all the ingredients in the pot.

Ten minutes is enough time for frying. In the next step, add water, and when the water boils, reduce the gas flame so that the beans cook well on a gentle gas heat.

4. Glaze stew

glaze baghali ghatogh

You don’t need much time to cook agricultural beans about 20 minutes to half an hour is enough. Measure salt and pepper in the middle of cooking.

5.Breaking the egg in baghali ghatogh

Breaking the egg in baghali ghatogh

When the beans are cooked and the stew water reaches your desired level, break the eggs into the beans. It is better not to beat the eggs so that they remain in the correct form, and the stew has a more beautiful and formal shape.

This was how to make a baghali ghatogh! So easily! Serve this with Iranian rice.

baghali ghatogh is ready

Notes for baghali polo:

Notes for baghali ghatogh

  • Instead of water, you can use chicken stock to cook the official baghali ghatogh. Of course, it is not customary to use chicken stock to cook this stew, but it doubles its delicious taste.
  • It is better first to break the eggs in a separate bowl and pour them in the stew when you are sure that they are healthy.
  • You can also use fresh dill instead of dry dill.
  • You can also use fresh beans instead of agricultural beans.
  • The way to prepare baghali ghatogh from different cities of Mazandaran is the same as this stew from Gilan and Rasht.
  • Serve this food with seer torshi ,zeytoon parvardeh, Persian rice.
  • In Gilan province, it is customary to serve some dishes with salted fish as a seasoning. One of these foods is baghali ghatogh.
  • It is also common to prepare fava bean stew with smoked salted fish. For this, you need to put a piece of salted fish in a heat-resistant bowl. Put the bowl of salted fish on the rice while boiling the rice. Cover the lid of the rice pot. Wait for the rice to boil with salted fish. When serving rice, cut salted fish into pieces as a garnish on the rice.
  • If you serve this Persian stew with smoked salted fish on rice, make sure to make this stew with little salt, or do not add salt to it at all. In fact, salted fish is used as a seasoning and salt for this stew. It is better to make rice with less salt.


1.Baghali ghatogh is better with dry dill or fresh dill?

It is better to use dry dill for the preparation of this food because it improves the taste of the food.

2. What is the reason for the bitterness of baghali ghatogh?

Dill is one of the basic ingredients for preparing this food. Dill gives a very good flavor to baghali ghatogh but you should be careful that if you add dill more than the amount you should add to this food, it will make this delicious and popular dish bitter and ruin the good taste of this dish. Therefore use the dill as mentioned in the recipe for the preparation of baghali ghatogh so that the taste of your stew is not spoiled.

3. What is the best way to choose special beans for baghali ghatogh?

There are two types of special beans for cooking baghali ghatogh in the market. One of the available types is that it keeps its shape after cooking and remains healthy, but the other type gets crushed after cooking. This type of bean, which softens quickly, is quick cooking and should not be cooked too much.

Note that fresh beans do not need to be soaked and are soft by themselves, but if you use dry beans, soak them in hot water two hours before starting cooking so that they become soft and you can remove the skin easily.

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