Best Khoresh Kangar Recipe+13 Golden Notes in 11 Steps

Khoresh kangar is one of the delicious and hearty Iranian stews. This stew is considered a seasonal food due to the presence of artichokes in spring. Artichoke stew is prepared from the artichoke plant, whose blades have been removed and chopped, along with meat and other aromatic vegetables and spices.

Due to the presence of artichoke in it, due to the presence of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, this stew strengthens and improves the function of the digestive system, increases appetite, reduces cholesterol and blood fat, improves heart function, prevents cancer, and has several other properties.

Khoresh kangar is usually made with red meat but you can prepare this stew with chicken or turkey meat or prepare this stew completely according to the vegetarian diet and without meat. You can also add legumes such as cobs to this stew to make the stew more glazed and tastier.

With the ingredients included in this recipe, you can prepare artichoke stew for 4 people. If you want to make more or less stew, just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients. Stay with meals cook with khoresh kangar cooking tutorial.

How to make khoresh kangar? (Khoresh kangar recipe)

How to make khoresh kangar


For: 4 people

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 2 hours


Acanthus 1.3 pound
Meat 0.9
Onions 2 pcs
Parsley 0.3
Mint 0.11
Limoo Amani 2 pcs
Tomato paste 1 tablespoon
Liquid oil as needed
Salt, turmeric, and black pepper as needed


instruction for khoresht kangar

1. In the first step of preparing khoresh kangar, peel and wash the onions. Then cut them into gems with a suitable knife.

step 1 khoresh kangar

2. Next, prepare a pot pour some liquid oil into it, and put it on the gas stove with low heat until the oil is hot. After the oil heats up, add the chopped onion to the pot and fry until the texture of the onions is soft. Then add some turmeric to the onions and stir until they are uniform and then fry the ingredients together a little.

step 2 khoresht kangar

3. Add the meat that you have already cleaned washed and chopped on the kitchen board to the size that you want, and fry until the color of the meat changes.

Then add a tablespoon of tomato paste to the pot and fry it along with other ingredients until the color of the paste changes. After sauteing all the ingredients, add 4 cups of boiling water to the pot and let the meats cook for some time.

step 3 khoresht kangar

4. While the meat is cooking, it is time to clean and prepare the artichokes. Remove the artichoke leaves with a knife and then wash it well with water so that no mud remains on it. After cleaning, chop them to the desired size but in the same way.

step 4 khoresh kangar

5. Next, clean and wash the mint and parsley. And then chop them finely on the kitchen board.

clean and wash the mint and parsley

6. Prepare a pan and pour some liquid oil in it and put it on the gas stove with low heat until the oil is completely hot. Then pour mint, parsley, and artichoke into the pan and fry. Be careful not to burn them. After the vegetables are slightly fried, take the pan off the stove.

step 6 khoresh kangar

7. Look at meats and when they are half cooked add artichoke, mint, and fried parsley to the pot and stir the ingredients.

add artichoke

8. It’s time for limoo Amani. To remove the bitterness of limoo Amani pierce them with a fork and put them in a small bowl of water for 30 minutes. In the last hour of preparing khoresh kangar, add them to the pot along with salt and black pepper.

9. Note that the heat of the gas stove to cook khoresh kangar should be mild so that the stew cooks slowly and settles.

10. At the end, taste some of the artichoke stew and if you like the stew to taste a bit more sour, add the desired amount of fresh lemon juice or water to the pot.

khoresh kangar is ready

11. After the artichoke stew is ready, pour it into a bowl and serve it with Persian rice and mast o khiar.

khoresht kangar and rice

Khoresh Kangar with cobs

In the original recipe of this stew, cob is not used, but many people use cobs because of the taste and beauty of the stew. For this purpose, just soak 150 to 200 grams of cob for 2 hours and add it to the stew after adding the meat.


notes for khoresh kangar

  • Khoresh kangar is usually cooked with red meat, especially lamb. But if you don’t like red meat or red meat is not good for you, you can prepare this stew with chicken. Cut the chicken meat into desired pieces and follow the instructions above to prepare the artichoke stew. Also, pay attention to the fact that the preparation time of khoresh kangar ba morgh is much less because the chicken is cooked early.
  • In some regions, cobs are also used in the preparation of this stew. For this purpose, pour 150 grams of cobs in a few cups of water the night before so that they are completely soaked, so that it cook faster, and prevent bloating. Then add them to the meat and fry and follow the other steps.
  • Be careful not to add salt while frying the meat. Because it makes the meat slow to cook.
  • To have a sour and delicious khoresh kangar when cooked, add some plum or greengage to the pot.
  • Khoresh kangar recipe that we talked about is suitable for four people. If there are more or less people, change the ratio of ingredients.
  • The later you add the artichoke to the stew, the firmer it remains.
  • If your taste is spicy, add a little red pepper.
  • Feel free to pour saffron into this stew.
  • You can remove mint and parsley and prepare this stew in red with tomato paste.
  • If you prepare a lot of artichokes, do not fry them raw, give them a small fry and then fry them.
  • You can use lemon juice instead of limoo amani. Be careful to add the seasoning at the end of 10 minutes to preserve the color of the stew.
  • You can add a little orange paste to the stew at the end.
  • When washing artichokes, be careful of their tiny blades.



1.What kind of meat is used in the preparation of khoresh kangar with meat?

To make khoresh kangar with meat, pieces of mutton are usually used, but you can also use veal or chicken if you wish.

2. Is the cooking method of Kermanshahi khoresh kangar different from khoresh kangar?

Prepare Kermanshahi khoresh kangar is different from khoresh kangar. To make Kermanshahi khoresh kangar, some aromatic vegetables such as chopped mint and parsley are also used, and khoresh kangar is prepared without cobs and tomatoes or tomato paste;  Therefore, the food has a different taste and color.

3. What is khoresh kangar made of?

Khoresh kangar is made with Acanthus, Meat, Onions, Parsley, Mint, Limoo amani, Tomato paste, and Liquid oil.


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