Iranian Baklava Yazdi Recipe with & without oven in 4 Steps

Baklava yazdi is one of the most authentic and delicious Persian sweets in Yazd, and if you have ever been to this city, you must have tried its delicious taste.

Besides being delicious, Yazdi baklava has many beautiful colors and shapes. Whenever I go to Yazd, I go to ghotab first and then to Baklava.

Also, in this article, you can learn 2 ways to prepare baklava yazdi, with and without an oven.Today in Meals Cook, we will teach you homemade Yazdi baklava with homemade dough and yufka dough. So stay with us in this article. 

How to make baklava yazdi in the oven?

Ingredients for the inside of baklava:

Chopped almonds and pistachios 0.6 pound
Powdered sugar 0.3 pound
Cardamom powder half a tablespoon

Baklava yazdi syrup ingredients:

Sugar  1.1 pound
Water  2 glasses
Rose water  1/2 glass

Ingredients for baklava yazdi:

Egg yolk 2 pcs
Liquid oil 3 tablespoons
Baking powder half a teaspoon
Milk 1/2 glass
Butter 3.5 ounce
Salt as needed
Rose water as needed
White flour as needed


instruction for yazdi baklava

1. combine almond powder, pistachio, cardamom, and powdered sugar to prepare baklava ingredients.

To prepare baklava yazdi syrup, put a pot on the gas and turn the heat under it. Then combine sugar with water and stir on heat until it boils.

Let this mixture stay on the gas for 15 minutes until it thickens. Then add rose water to it. If you desire, you can add a little lemon juice.

2. To make baklava yazdi dough, dissolve baking powder and salt in cold milk, then add oil and egg yolks and mix well. Sift the flour and slowly add to the ingredients and mix.

Add flour until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. Then, wrap the dough in a plastic or cellophane bag and leave it aside for 1 to 2 hours.

3. In this step of preparing baklava yazdi, first turn on the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius to heat it up.

After 2 hours, separate the dough to the size of a tangerine and make it completely thin with a rolling pin. Choose a rectangular metal mold and grease its surface completely with oil.

Put the thin sheet of dough into the mold. Then, prepare another thin layer of dough and place it on top. After the second layer, it is time to add a little inner ingredients in the middle of the baklava.

Pour the ingredients inside the baklava you have prepared in advance and press a little with your hands. Then sprinkle a little rose water and place another layer of thin dough on it.

At the end, cut the sides of the dough according to the mold and separate them with a knife.

4. cut the baklava dough slowly into a rhombus shape in this recipe step. Now heat the butter and pour it on the pastry with a brush.

After the butter is absorbed, place it in the lower part of the oven. After the surface of the baklava becomes a little golden, turn off the oven’s heat and remove the baklava.

Now, slowly pour the syrup you prepared on the baklava until they are completely absorbed. Pour pistachio powder on them, and after cooling down, cut them again and eat them.

To prepare your baklava faster, you can absorb the stage of making baklava dough by preparing baklava with yufka dough.

This Persian baklava is served with gol gav zaban and Persian tea.

Baklava, which has a place in the cuisine of many nations, is also embraced by many nations. Over time, it took its current form in Topkapı Palace . [5] There are three theories about how today’s baklava, which was first made in Topkapı Palace, originated. The first of these is that it derives from the placenta cake in Roman cuisine (later Byzantine cuisine).

Sourced: https://tr.wikipedia.org/

How to make baklava yazdi without an oven?

How to make baklava yazdi without oven


Yufka dough 3 sheets
Powdered sugar or sugar 1/5 tablespoon
Butter half a tablespoon
Pistachio powder 2 tablespoons
Pistachio powder and powdered sugar for decoration as needed
Cardamom and cinnamon powder as needed
Honey or whipped cream 1/5 tablespoon
Rose water as needed


1. The way to prepare baklava yazdi without an oven is in such a way that instead of using homemade dough, you can use cold yufka dough.

The most difficult part of making baklava is its dough; removing it will make your work much easier.

2. For this, open the yufka dough and put it in a pan or tray on the gas. Then combine some pistachio powder, sugar powder, cardamom powder, and cinnamon with cream or honey and pour it on top.

Sprinkle a little rose water on the ingredients, and then fold the dough.

3. When preparing baklava yazdi, you should put some butter in the pan and put the baklava on the heat. After one side of the baklava is fried, fry the other side as well. Then, put the baklava in a suitable dish.

Combine sugar and water and boil for 10 minutes until a thick syrup is obtained. Pour this syrup on the baklava and then decorate it with pistachio powder. Then, cut the baklava and serve it.

This sweet is very famous, along with shirini gerdooeekoloocheh fuman , Persian kaak, and other Iranian sweets.

Notes for baghlava yazdi:

notes for yazdi baklava

  • For the intermediate ingredients of baklava, you can use ground walnuts, almond powder, pistachio powder, or a combination of all of them as you wish.
  • Make sure the syrup is cold, and the baklava is warm. If both are warm, the baklava will be doughy; if they are cold, they will not be absorbed.
  • Place the almonds in the freezer before grinding. This will prevent the almonds from releasing oil.

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