Poolaki Recipe | 3 Steps to Make Best Persian Saffron Candy

Poolaki or Persian hard candy is a type of candy and one of the delicious edibles mostly eaten with a hot drink, but it is also enjoyable to eat alone.

This delicious and fragrant candy has the right amount of sugar and sweetness and is also produced in various pleasant flavors and aromas.

Gaz, Sohan e qom, and Poolaki are famous and delicious souvenirs of Isfahan that you can make yourself and enjoy their unique taste.

Poolaki history:

Poolaki history

This sweet is one of the side products of Nabat, which is more than 300 years old in Isfahan. In the past, candy workshops also produced this candy, but today, many new workshops independently produce only pulaki, and traditional and old methods have given way to modern machines.
For example, industrial cutting machines are used instead of old methods, and manual mixers have given way to automatic mixers.

Poolaki benefits:

Poolaki benefits

Poolaki is a simple candy served with Persian tea or on its own. This is a suitable sugar substitute and does less harm to the teeth’ health.

Of course, if it is not chewed. At the same time, its consumption is recommended due to its low sugar content.

The properties of this sweet are different according to the various compounds used in it. You can prepare different types of it and benefit from their properties and taste.

Be careful in consuming types of poolaki:

Be careful in consuming types of poolaki

Some flavors and nuts used in poolaki may be problematic for some people prone to allergies. Ginger Persian hard candy can help people with digestive problems and weak stomachs heal these problems.

Also, this type of sweet can be very helpful for pregnant women who have nausea in the first months of pregnancy and reduce the symptoms.

Pistachios this sweet can be helpful for people suffering from iron deficiency and anemia. Due to their simple and natural structure and the absence of chemical compounds and preservatives, traditional snacks can play a good role in providing minerals and some vitamins.

For: 4 people

Preparation and cooking time: 2 hours

 Poolaki recipe

How to make poolaki

You can also read khakshir recipe.


White vinegar 8 tablespoons
Water half a glass
Raw sesame  1 tablespoon
Dried roses  1 tablespoon
Chopped dry limoo amani  1 tablespoon
Coconut powder   1 tablespoon
Persian Saffron half a teaspoon


1. In preparing poolaki Isfahan, you must beat the saffron well and add 3 tablespoons of boiling water to it.

Then put the lid of the container on it to brew the saffron. Now pour water into a small pot of boiling water until it boils, then lower the heat and add sugar, vinegar, and saffron to the boiling water.

There is no need to stir the ingredients. You can shake the pot a few times and dissolve the sugar well in the water.

step 1 poolaki

2. In the second step of preparing this, leave the sugar, vinegar, and water on the gas for 15 to 20 minutes with a gentle flame until the sugar thickens.

After the ingredients thicken, decide what flavor you want to make.

Depending on the type of poolaki you want, add sesame, jasmine flowers, lemon, coconut powder, all kinds of seeds and nuts, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, or any flavor you like to this sweet.

Shake the pot a little to combine the ingredients. Then let this sweet boil for another 5 minutes. When your mixture turns a caramel color, it’s probably ready.

To ensure your this sweet is ready, get some ice and pour some ingredients on top. If the ingredients on top of the ice become hard and crunchy, your Persian candy is ready.

If it is still soft, it is better to boil it for a few more minutes until it becomes completely crispy and brittle.

step 2 poolaki

3. Cover a tray with foil in the next step of preparing this sweet after the ingredients are prepared.

Then with the help of a spoon, take some of this Persian candy and put it in the shape of small round coins on the foil. Note that the liquid will not spread on the foil if you boil the ingredients enough.

If it spreads after pouring the ingredients, it is better to put it on the gas for a few more minutes and boil until it reaches the right concentration.

When you pour Persian candy on the foil, be careful not to make them too thick because then you end up with thinner Persian sweet.

You can add some sesame to all kinds of Persian candy to make them look more beautiful. After pouring all the ingredients into the tray, you should wait a few hours for them to dry completely. Then you can remove them from the foil and put them in a suitable container.

This Persian sweet is served with gol gav zaban, persian tea, and persian sour cherry.

step 3

polaki ready


Poolaki maintenance:

Poolaki maintenance

  • According to your taste in each of the types of poolaki that you have chosen and prepared, it is necessary to pay attention to some points for their maintenance and longevity.
  • For example, if you buy this sweet in closed containers, open and close the lid so that air does not enter the container or the vacuum plastic does not tear.
  • You should store most foods, especially sweets, in a cool and dry place. The presence of moisture in the environment affects the quality of this sweet and other sweets and may provide conditions for reducing their shelf life due to mold.
  • The meaning of humidity is not only the humidity related to the living environment (for example, northern or southern cities).
  • Rather even if you put this sweet in place exposed to steam from a kettle and a samovar, the same thing will happen.
  • Avoid putting a large amount of this sweet in sugar bowls or any other container. Ants may tamper with your scales without informing you!
  • The best place to store them for a long time is in the refrigerator, preventing them from sticking together.

Notes Persian hard candy:

notes for poolaki

  • Under-heating poolaki material causes it to loosen, and over-heating causes a burning aroma and smell.
  • Never use vinegar other than white vinegar to make Persian candy.
  • You can make this Persian hard candy with any flavor and color and add pistachio and almond slices.
  • The method of making this with cinnamon, lemon flavor, various types of nuts, and ginger, and even the method of preparing Persian hard candy without sugar, is traditional and very popular.
  • How to prepare sugar-free diet flakes is with stevia, diet sugar, or honey.


1. Can we make this sweet without coconut powder?

Yes, you can use other flavors like saffron and sesame instead of coconut powder.

2. Can’t we add honey instead of sugar in this?

No, it is not possible. Because you must use sugar syrup and water to thicken the nectar.

3. Should we use vinegar in this?

Yes, vinegar increases the consistency of the nectar and is very effective in giving a different taste to it.

4. Should the amount of water used in preparing this sweet be high?

No, as much as possible the amount of water should be less than sugar until the sugar melts and thickens faster with the help of heat.

The higher the consistency and concentration of the nectar, the easier it is to make flakes.

5. Why do Poolaki stick together?

Removing this hot will cause them to stick together.

6. Why does poolaki become hard and dry?

You must store it in a container with a lid so that it does not become hardened.


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