Bademjan Shekam Por Recipe “Stuffed Aubergines with minced meat”

A traditional Iranian dish made of eggplant and minced meat that is used in parties

Suppose you have a guest tonight, and you have prepared one of the recipes that your friend told you for bademjan shekam por(Stuffed Aubergines with minced meat).

After eating the first and not the second bite, you will notice that the eggplant is a bit hard, and the meat and ingredients inside the eggplant are not properly flavored.

Of course, your friend’s taste in cooking is different from yours, and he probably didn’t tell you or forgot some tips. To have a dignified party and make excellent foods such as bademjan shekam por in the best possible way, stay with me.

At the end of this article, I will tell you new amazing tips for cooking this great food.

History of bademjan shekam por

history of bademjan shekam por

Bademjan shekam por was first invented by the Japanese, and currently, there are more than 50 different ways to cook it. The root of these differences goes back to the way of filling the eggplant.

In many recipes, when the eggplant is hollowed out, the main food is prepared from these separated pieces and then placed inside the grilled eggplant. In other cases, ingredients other than eggplant are used to prepare food inside the eggplant.

In this recipe, we use the second method and fill the eggplant with minced meat.
Before that, we must say that the Italians were the first to use pizza cheese to fill the eggplant Or somehow invent eggplant pizza.

This food can be included in the category of popular and delicious food that originally belonged to the northern provinces. Of course, this unique dish is also cooked in the western provinces of the country.

Now that you are ready to make this delicious dish let’s go to the basic ingredients needed to make it. 

How to prepare bademjan shekam por? (Bademjan shekam por recipe)

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour

Ingredients Stuffed Aubergines with minced meat:

Eggplant 4 big ones
Tomato 3 big ones
Mince Meat 0.4 pound
Onion 2 medium numbers
Aromatic vegetable Sufficiently
Tomato paste 3 tablespoons
Spices (salt, pepper, turmeric) Sufficiently
Oil Sufficiently

Instruction Stuffed Aubergines with minced meat:

1. The first step to make this food is to wash the eggplants well and peel them. Then, pour the salt and water into the bowl.

It is better to let the eggplants remain in the salt and water bowl for about 30 minutes because doing so well removes the bitterness of the eggplants.

2. During the time that the eggplants are in the salt and water bowl, you can start preparing the ingredients that you are going to use inside the eggplant.

3. To do this, first, you need to wash the onions well and peel them. Then, finely chop the peeled onions.

4. Choose a suitable pan, pour some oil into it, and let it heat up well. Then add the onions and fry until they are fried.

5. After some time has passed since frying the onions, you can add some turmeric and pepper to them and fry again until the onions are completely fried and the aroma of the spices is released.

fry onion and meat with spices

6. Now, it’s time to add tomato paste to the pan. Fry the tomato paste on one side of the pan until it is fried, and its rawness is removed, then add it to the onions and fry again.

fry meat for stuffed eggplant

7. After frying the tomato paste with onion well, We take some of it to make a special sauce for this food and keep the rest in the pan.

8. In this step, you should add the minced meat to the pan and fry it with onion and tomato paste. You should continue doing this until the meat is fried well and its color changes.

9. After the meat is fried, you should add salt, pepper, and aromatic vegetables to it and fry again for a few minutes until the aroma of the vegetables is released.

For aromatic vegetables, you can also use parsley or coriander, which will create a good taste.

10. Your ingredients are ready, and you can proceed to the other steps of cooking.

11. Now it’s time to make the sauce. To make the special sauce for this food, you must first grate the tomatoes and make them puree.

prepare sauce for bademajn shekam por

12. Pour the tomato puree along with a glass of water into a suitable and spacious pan and put it on the heat.

Also, at this stage, you should add the mixture of tomato and onion paste that you set aside to the pan, mix it with other ingredients, and let it start cooking.

13. When the liquid in the pan starts to boil, you should add some salt, black pepper, and the rest of the aromatic vegetables.

Let the ingredients continue to cook for another 5 minutes, and finally, turn off the heat.

sauce is ready

14. Now, you can go to the eggplants and rinse them. At this stage, you need a sharp knife to make a longitudinal slit on the eggplants.

15. Choose a suitable large pan and pour some oil in it. Then, put the eggplants in it and fry it. You must make sure that all parts of the eggplant are fried well.

eggplant fry

16. After the eggplants are completely fried, let them cool down a bit, then fill the eggplants with the ingredients you prepared.

fried eggplants

17. As the last step, you should put the stuffed eggplants in the same pan where you fried the eggplants and add the special sauce to the pan. Finally, let the ingredients in the pan start to cook on low heat.

fill the eggplants with the ingredients you prepared

After the eggplants are fully cooked, you can turn off the heat and serve and eat in the desired dish.

bademjan shekam por is ready

How to prepare bademjan shekam por using pizza cheese in the oven

Making this food using pizza cheese in the recipe will create a wonderful and attractive taste. If you plan to use pizza cheese in this food, you don’t need to prepare tomato sauce, and you can remove it from the recipe.

Instead, after you fill the eggplants with the ingredients, you should arrange them in the oven tray and pour pizza cheese over the eggplants.

Heat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, and then put the tray in the oven for 15 minutes until the pizza cheese melts completely. If you want the eggplants to be golden, you can turn on grill mode at the last minute.

Eggplants are rich in various cancer-fighting compounds, including anthocyanin, solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (SRGs), and chlorogenic acid that have been shown to offer cancer-protective benefits.

Chlorogenic acid, in particular, prevents free radicals from forming cancerous cells and inhibits tumor growth and cancer cell proliferation.

Chlorogenic acid also acts as an anti-microbial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and helps lower bad cholesterol.


Notes :

  • Our eggplants should be sweet so that their bitter taste does not taste bad to our food. When you want to buy, be sure to follow this point because it is very important.
  • Peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, and chopped parsley are optional ingredients that you can add to the bademjan shekam por base if you like.
  • This food is very tasteful. This means that you can add or reduce ingredients that you like to taste inside the eggplant.
  • Be sure to cover the eggplants that we have emptied their stomachs with oil so that they get a soft texture and a better appearance. Some people say that grilled eggplant does not need oil. But our experience says that most of the time, the eggplant sticks to the tray without adding oil.
  • Note: This food is different from dolmeh bademjan.
  • Don’t cut the green part of the top of the eggplant at all because it will mess up their appearance, and the eggplants may fall apart.
  • Be careful not to dig too much into the eggplants because it will cause the ingredients or pizza cheese to fall out, and the eggplants will stick to the tray.
  • Khoresht bademjan and gheymeh bademjan are Iranian dishes related to and similar to this dish.

FAQ bademjan shekam por:

What flavors are used in the preparation of bademjan shekam por with minced meat?

To make bademjan shekam por with minced meat, you can use black pepper, turmeric, red pepper, ginger powder, cinnamon, and garlic powder.

How do you prepare bademjan shekam por with pizza cheese?

For bademjan shekam por with pizza cheese, after filling the inside of the eggplant with meat ingredients, pour some pizza cheese on the ingredients. Then, put the eggplants in a suitable oven dish and leave them in the oven for 15 minutes until they are ready.

Why is bademjan shekam por bitter?

If this food becomes bitter, there are two reasons: firstly, the eggplant used for food is bitter, and secondly, grilling the eggplant too much causes the eggplant to burn and become bitter.

Be sure to taste the eggplant before grilling it so that the eggplant is not bitter. Don’t waste it, and try to grill the eggplant with gentle heat.

What are the ingredients in bademjan shekam por?

As we explained in the article, this food is highly tasteful. This means that you can add or reduce the ingredients that you like to taste inside the eggplant.

Peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, and chopped parsley are optional ingredients that you can add to the basic ingredients of this delicious food.

Do we have to grill the eggplant for this?

No, depending on your food taste, you can grill or fry eggplant. Each of them gives a delicious taste to this food.

What should we do to make the pizza cheese in this food golden?

If you want the cheese on the eggplant to be red and golden, turn on the grill at the last moment and let the eggplant remain under the heat of the grill for a few minutes, checking every second that the cheese does not burn.

Is it necessary to put minced meat and pizza cheese in bademjan shekam por ingredients?

Although the deliciousness of bademjan shekam por with meat and cheese pizza, you can make this food without meat and cheese and only with mushrooms, peas, and corn in a vegetarian way.

Did you like the Persian stuffed eggplant recipe?

In my opinion, this Persian food is a great filling for family parties. What is your opinion?
By sharing this recipe, ask your friends about Iranian food.


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