Khoresh Bademjan with Beef and Chicken Recipe+10 Notes

I always remember khoresht bademjan, or eggplant stew, beautiful childhood memories, parties, and this beautiful food. Especially when my mother was cooking this stew in the kitchen, and the aromatic and mild smell of fried eggplants filled the room.

I could smell it from my room and couldn’t wait to taste it sooner. I think the combination of fried eggplant and tomato is a great dish on its own, but when it is combined with lamb meat and tomato sauce, this dish cannot be missed. When eggplants are cooked in tomato sauce, it gives a heavenly and excellent color to the food.

Now, the combination of this dish with rice and saffron is a perfect Iranian dish.

What is Khoresh Bademjan?


What is Khoresh Bademjan?

Khoresh bademjan or khoresh-e bademjan is one of the popular Iranian stews.Iranian eggplant stew is made from eggplant, meat, tomatoes, tomato paste, and spices, along with Persian rice or Persian polo.

Khoresh bademjan is one of the authentic Iranian stews that satisfies the lovers of oily and thick foods well and also, because of the eggplant it has a special taste with a different aroma and smell compared to other stews, but it is made similar to khoresh gheymeh. This food is also cooked with mutton, veal, chicken and turkey.

Preparing a delicious eggplant stew is very easy and does not require any cooking skills, but because this stew is simple, it is not prepared with raw ingredients that make this stew thick it needs to be cooked with a gentle heat and for a long time to get well.

Soup jo with chicken is usually used before serving this dish for better digestion.

Imagine one day that you have a guest and you want to prepare a food that does not take much time to prepare the ingredients and also according to your taste and use you can increase or decrease the ingredients and limit them to a specific recipe. Yes, this dish is khoresh bademjan, which fills the house well with its pleasant aroma.

As the name of this stew suggests, the main ingredient is to prepare this stew eggplant is one of the most important ingredients in the preparation of Persian stews such as khoresh gheymeh, Kashke bademjan (Persian eggplant dip), Mirza Ghassemi, Dolmeh bademjan and eggplant lasagna.

khoresh bademjan recipe

This food is very similar to khoresh gheymeh, with the difference that yellow split peas are used in khoresh gheymeh, but no yellow split peas in khoresh bademjan is used.

Of course, in many homes, khoresh gheymeh is also made with yellow split peas. Yatimcheh is similar to eggplant stew.

For: 4 people

Preparation:20 minute

Cook for: 2 hour

Khoresh bademjan(iranian eggplant stew) Ingredients:

Eggplant                      6 pcs
Lamb                           15 ounces
Medium tomato       2 pcs
Medium onion           1 pcs
Tomato paste            2tbsp
Saffron (brewed)     1tbsp
Salt and black pepper                         
Unripe sour grapes     
as needed
Liquid oil                   optional
Turmeric powder      ½ tbsp
cinnamon powder   ½ tbsp
Thyme powder         1 tsp
Garlic                                                 1 pcs 

How to Cook Khoresh Bademjan with beef?

How to Cook Khoresh Bademjan with beef


1. To prepare a delicious iranian eggplant stew, first peel the onions and chop them into very small pieces, then pick up a frying pan, add some liquid oil to it, and fry well until the onions become golden brown.

2. then peel the garlic and chop to very very small pieces, then add to fried onions and saute it for 1 to 2 minutes. Be careful not to burn them.

3. Now add turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, and thyme powder, and fry the onion for a minute until they are smoothly mixed. In the next step, after washing and rinsing, chop the meat into minced meat (gheyme shode) and add it to a frying pan.

4. You only need to saute the meat a little to change its color, because over-frying the meat will make it hard and slow to cook. After the meat changes color, add the tomato paste and saute a little until the raw taste and smell of the tomato paste is removed. Now, pour them into a pot with a little liquid oil.

instructtion for khoresh bademjan


5. Know that sauting tomato paste will make you have a more colorful stew at the end. Next, add 3 full glasses of water to the pot and increase the heat under the pot so the water boils faster.

adding toato and eggplant


6. After the water boils, reduce the heat and let the meat cook for one and a half to two hours at low heat. While the meat is cooking, you can prepare the eggplants; for this purpose, peel the eggplants and cut them in half. Cut lengthwise into two pieces.

cooking khoresh bademjan


7. Now arrange the eggplants in a tray and sprinkle some salt on them. In addition to removing the bitterness of the eggplants, this makes the eggplants absorb less oil when frying. After 30 minutes, rinse the eggplants.

8. After drying the eggplants, fry them in oil. Place the fried eggplants on a paper towel to remove excess oil. At this stage, cut the tomatoes in half and saute a little until they are fried.

9. At this point, after the meat is fully cooked, add some salt, black pepper and brewed saffron to the stew and smoothly mix the stew.

10. Then add eggplants with the fried tomatoes to the pot. After adding eggplant, we should not stir the stew too much. In this stew, the very special and unique ingredient is “Ghooreh” or (unripe sour grapes) which gives a somehow sour taste to the stew. If you like, you can add some lemon juice instead of unripe sour grapes to taste.

11. Eggplant stew(bademjan stew) is one of the stews that should be served in low water because it does not have a high glaze. After adding the eggplants, allow the stew to stand on the heat for another 30 minutes.

12. Keep in mind that if you want to make a delicious Persian eggplant tomato, you have to be patient and allow the stew to cook gently. At the end, serve it with Persian rice.

khoresh bademjoon

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khoresh bademjan chicken recipe:

khoresh bademjan chicken recipe

In Iran, we have another type of khoresh bademjan some people use chicken in it instead of meat. This type of khoresh bademjoon that is cooked with chicken is so delicious and has many fans. The whole recipe and ingredients are the same; we just use chicken instead of meat.

Notes on How to Cook a Delicious Khoresh Bademjan:

Notes on How to Cook a Delicious Khoresh Bademjan

How to prepare eggplant stew with yellow split peas:

  • As I mentioned at the beginning, the original khoresh bademjan does not contain yellow split peas but if you want a more colorful and glazed stew, you can also use it in this stew.
  • For the amount of ingredients above, you can add between 5 ounces of yellow split peas. Soak the yellow split peas for at least 2 hours and change the water several times to remove the swelling.
  • The important thing about cooking yellow split peas is that you must cook it separately with an onion, then discard the excess water and add the meat to the stew when the yellow split peas are ready. If you cook yellow split peas together with meat, your stew will lose its original taste and taste like broth.
  • Adding the right spice at the right time is an art. The time to add the spices is different. It is usually recommended to fry the spices in oil to release their essence. Be careful that you should not fry turmeric in oil because it makes it toxic; just fry it a little.
  • If it is added to the food at the beginning of cooking, a large part of this substance will be lost, so it is better to add it to the food at the end of cooking. In addition, in meat stews, we should add salt at the end of cooking. In the last half hour we add all the spices along with saffron and let it settle well.

FAQ for eggplant stew:

1. How many calories khoresh bademjan have?

Khoresh bademjan calories are 45cal in 1 spoon.

2. What is bademjan in english?

Bademjan means Eggplant in english

3. How to cook khoresh bademjan if you use chicken meat?

To prepare khoresh bademjan with chicken meat, it is enough to add twice the mentioned amount (800 grams) of thigh meat or chicken breast in pieces, and instead of stewed meat, add to the roasting onions. Other cooking steps are the same as when you used stewed meat to prepare this stew.

4. How many people are the amounts mentioned in this khoresh bademjan recipe?

The amounts mentioned for each of these ingredients are enough for 4 people.

5. What serve with khoresh bademjan?

Along with this khoresh is served salad shirazi, sabzi khordan,zeytoon parvardeh,mast o khiar.

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