Khoresh Gheysi Recipe_Dried Apricot with Chicken Stew

khoresh gheysi is an authentic Iranian food that belongs to the city of Gilan. The main ingredients of this stew are dried apricots and chicken. Of course, in other cities of Iran, this dish is also prepared with meat.

If you are a fan of new and sour food like me, stay with meals cook. A simple, quick, and excellent meal that is also used for parties.

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Khoresh Gheysi

Khoresh gheysi is a very delicious dish made from a combination of chicken and apricots. An interesting and delicious combination. If you are tired of repeating dishes, stay with me until the end of this article.

  • 2 pcs Onions
  • 6 pcs Chicken thighs or chicken breasts or fillet
  • 7 pcs Sloe
  • 8 pcs Dried Apricot
  • as needed Saffron
  • 2 cloves Garlic 
  • as needed Salt, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, turmeric, paprika
  • 8 pcs Walnut
  1. To prepare this delicious food, we first fry the chicken with turmeric and butter.While the chickens are frying, we wash, peel, and finely chop onions.

  2. we add pre-fried garlic, cinnamon sticks, and paprika to the chicken and pour the chopped onions. We fry a little until the color of the chicken becomes golden and then we let it cook.

  3. Now, we add 1 liter of orange juice to the chicken and let it cook. Orange juice sweetens the taste of chicken, so if you don’t like the sweet taste, you can use half a liter of orange juice and half a liter of water instead of 1 liter of orange juice, or you can use only water.

  4. we add the pre-washed dried apricots and sloes after cooking the chickens. Then we added the saffron that we put in the ice and melted and colored to the chicken and walnuts.

  5. We let the chickens boil a little with dried apricots, sloes, and saffron so that the flavor of the seasonings enters the food.

  6. Now, the delicious khoresh gheysi is ready. You can serve it in your desired dish and enjoy eating it with your family or parties. This stew is served with Persian pickles and zeytoon parvardeh.

Main Course
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Khoresh gheysi Health benefits:

Dried apricots have the necessary calories and can provide energy to the body. Consumption of this fruit is very useful for anemic people and is rich in vitamins C and K.

Fiber is enough to help improve the functioning of the digestive system. It can prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

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Apricots have been cultivated in Central Asia since antiquity, and dried ones were an important commodity on the Silk Road. They could be transported over huge distances due to their long shelf life. Before the 20th century, they were ubiquitous in the Ottoman, Persian, and Russian Empires.



khoresh gheysi is an authentic Iranian food full of properties and vitamins. This stew is used at gatherings and parties because of its excellent color and taste. Gheysi stew can be prepared with both meat and chicken.

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