Mirza Ghasemi Recipe in 9 Steps+6 Golden Tips

The pleasant smell of grilled eggplant with tomatoes and garlic is a magical combination called Mirzagasami. Always when my mother was grilling eggplants in our backyard, I would know that today we have Mirzakasami for lunch.

A delicious and healthy lunch of course full of vitamins that cannot be missed. I have prepared the recipe for this Gilani dish for you to enjoy.

What is Mirza ghasemi made of?

Mirza ghasemi is one of the traditional Iranian appetizers that belongs to Gilan province. This appetizer is a combination of grilled eggplant, tomato, garlic, and egg. This food is served with Sangak bread and Barbari bread or Persian rice.

This dish is easily prepared with a simple recipe with ingredients such as eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, and eggs. The main and most important food item in Mirza Ghasemi traditional and delicious Gilani is grilled eggplant and plenty of garlic.

Of course, tomatoes are not ineffective in the taste of this dish! Mirza Ghasemi is very popular like the kashke bademjan. It is very easy to prepare this delicious food.

For: 4 people

Preparation: 45 minutes

Cook for: 1 hour

What is Mirza ghasemi made of


Medium eggplant         6 pcs
Tomato                          2 pcs
Egg                                  2 pcs
Garlic                              4 pcs
Tomato paste               1 tbsp
Turmeric powder         1 tsp
Salt                                 as needed
Black pepper               as needed
Liquid oil                  as needed

Mirza ghasemi recipe:

mirza ghasemi recipe


1. To prepare, we must first roast the eggplants. For this purpose, we can use the flame of a gas stove or charcoal grill. We must roast the eggplants well until the skin of the eggplants burns completely.


2. Of course, if you don’t like the smoky taste of grilled eggplant, you can boil the eggplants. After grilling the eggplants, we let them cool a little or put them in cool water; then we slowly remove their skins.

3. After removing the skin, put the eggplants in a large bowl, then squish them completely with a meat grinder or blender until their texture is separated. Next, we set aside the eggplants and prepare the tomatoes.

mixing eggplant and tomato

4. Put the tomatoes in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes so that the skin can be easily removed. After 5 minutes, we take the tomatoes out of the boiling water, and after they cool down a little, we remove their skins easily.

5. We put a suitable pan on the heat and add some oil. Next, we grate the garlic and saute it in a little oil until it becomes soft and golden; then, we pour some turmeric powder into the garlic and saute well until the garlic and turmeric powder are uniform.

cooking mirza ghasemi

6. At this stage, we add eggplants to the pan and saute for about 20 minutes, then add grated tomatoes to the pan and saute well until the excess water of the tomatoes evaporates.


7. Adding tomato paste is optional, but if you want your food to have a better taste and color, you can also add 1 tbsp of tomato paste to this food at this stage. Saute tomato paste until it is completely fried.

frying tomato and eggplant

8. Now, we collect the ingredients on one side of the pan, then break the eggs in the empty part of the pan, and after they are cooked well, we mix them with the other ingredients until they are completely uniform with the other ingredients.

adding eggs

9. Finally, measure salt and black pepper and let it cook for 20 to 30 minutes. To decorate, you can cook an egg in a separate pan in a round mold, then after pouring food on the plate, place the egg on top of it.

adding black pepper to mirza ghasemi

The health benefits of eggplants are endless. Plus eggplants can be a delicious inclusion to any diet. They have a texture and density that makes them a great addition to soups and stews. They can also be consumed perfectly by themselves or be baked, mashed into a dip, roasted, grilled, or sautéed. Eggplants tend to have a slightly bitter and acidic taste that most people may not like, but they offer impressive health benefits beyond the taste.

What is history of Mirza Ghasemi?


What is history of Mirza Ghasemi

The history of Mirzaghasemi back to the Qajar period.Mirza Mohammad Qasim Khan Qajar was Iran’s ambassador to Russia. During his stay in Russia, he learned to cook and when he returned to Rasht, he cooked this delicious food under his own name Mirza Ghasemi.

It was the favorite of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar’s food and because of that, he ordered that its recipe be expanded and today in Gilan this appetizer is also used as the main food.

this food beside kashke bademjan two famous and traditional Iranian appetizers.

this food is the favorite food of those who have a vegetarian diet and those who want to lose weight, it has high vitamins and few calories. This food is similar to yatimcheh.


  • Mirza ghasemi be served for lunch, dinner, and appetizer.

6Tips for cooking best Mirza Ghasemi

6Tips for cooking best Mirza Ghasemi

 Grilling eggplant:

  • If you want your eggplants to have a smoky taste, be sure to grill them on charcoal or gas stove flame because grilling them in the oven will prevent them from smelling smoky.  Northern restaurants use charcoal grills for grilling eggplant, which gives the eggplant a great taste.

  • It is true that the popularity of this food is due to the smoky taste of its eggplant, but there are also people who do not like the smoky taste of that. People who do not like the smoky taste of eggplants can use the oven to roast eggplants so that it does not smell smoky.

Use tomato paste:

  • Some cooks consider it a mistake to add tomato paste to this food because they believe that adding tomato paste destroys the original taste of this food and makes the taste like tomato paste.

  • Of course,I disagree with this issue because tomato paste, in addition to giving this amazing food a better taste, also makes it more beautiful. If you want, you can remove the tomato paste from the above recipe.

How to prepare mirza ghasemi with walnuts:

  • In some cities, walnuts are also used to decorate it, If you wish you can decorate this food with a few walnuts after pouring it into your favorite dish.

You can also read vavishka recipe.

Mirza Ghasemi became bitter:

  • Maybe it has happened to you that you prepared this delicious food with enthusiasm and realized that the taste of the food is bitter when you serve it. The reason is the use of eggplants which have a purple color.
  • If the eggplant color that you use is purple be sure to remove the eggs of that after grilling and throw them away so that the taste of this food is not bitter at the end.

FAQ for mirzaghasemi:

faq for mirzaghasemi

  • How many calories does this food have?

This food’s calories are 28 cal in 1 spoon.

  • What is mirza ghasemi made of?

Mirza ghasemi is made of grilled eggplant, tomato, tomato paste, egg, and spices.

  • Which city’s famous food is Mirza ghasemi?

This food is the famous food of Gilan province.

Did you like this recipe?

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest Mirzaghasemi.
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