Pashmak Recipe “Persian Cotton Candy” in Pan with 4 steps

Pashmak candy is one of the delicious Persian sweets that is made by passing hot and humid air over the sugar. When the hot air hits the sugar it becomes semi-solid then it becomes long and thin strands.

Pashmak (Persian Cotton candy) is a popular candy all over the world that has a texture similar to cotton and belongs to the candy family. Cotton candy usually contains small amounts of flavoring or food coloring.

Today on Meals Cook we will teach you how to prepare iranian cotton candy in a simple saffron flavor, so stay with us.

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How to make pashmak?

pashmak recipe infographic

Pashmak recipe(pashmak rezept)

Ingredients persian cotton candy:

White flour 0.4 pound
Oil 0.8 pound
Water 1.1 pound
Vinegar 1/2 teaspoon
Sugar 2.2 pound
Brewed saffron 2 tablespoons

Make pashmak in the pan without an oven or machine:

Make pashmak in pan without oven or machine

Instruction pashmak candy(homemade cotton candy without machine):

instruction for pashmak

Stay with us for the steps of how to prepare homemade pashmak in the market method in a pot and without a machine. You can also use saffron to make this sweet or make a simple Cotton candy.

1. Fry the flour:

step 1 pashmak

In the first step, make sure that the dishes you use are clean. The presence of any kind of pollution or impurity will cause the material to stick and ultimately spoil Cotton candy. It is better to sift the flour.

Saute the flour in a pan with oil until fried. You have to saute flour until its raw smell disappears. This usually takes 15 minutes on low flame.

After the flour is ready pour it on the bottom of the tray and keep it aside. Then move on to other ingredients.

2. Preparing persian pashmak ingredients:

After saluting the flour in this step, pour sugar and water into a pot and dissolve it. Place the pot over medium-high heat until it boils. If you want saffron Cotton candy, add the brewed saffron at this stage.

Preparing pashmak ingredients

After boiling the mixture of water, sugar, and saffron, add vinegar and stir the ingredients with a clean and dry spoon after it thickens a little. It usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes for this mixture to thicken.

mixture of water, sugar, and saffron

Note: To make sure that your nectar has reached the required consistency or not, you can pour a spoonful of nectar into a container of ice in the method of making homemade Cotton candy without a machine.

Then gather it with your finger and shape it. If nectar forms your nectar is ready.

3. Preparing pashmak dough:

Making homemade pashmak without a machine is usually not a difficult task and only requires a little care and attention.

In the third step of the delicious homemade sweet, when the solution thickens (as much as honey) turn off the heat.

Then remove the pot from the heat. When it cools down knead the solution with your hands until it becomes soft and give it the shape of a roll.

Use the sieved and fried flour that you had sauteed before at this stage.

remove the pot from the heat

4. Prepare pashmak(iranian cotton candy):

In the last step, you should place the pashmak materials which are in the shape of a kenaf, on the flour and stretch them from both sides. Repeat this several times.

Prepare pashmak

Fold the kenaf in the shape of an English number 8 and roll it again. Repeat this a few more times and pull the material from both sides until the circle that is formed gets bigger and bigger.

Repeat this until it takes the shape and texture of the wool. Usually, it is necessary to repeat this work 25 to 30 times until this sweet becomes the shape you want.

History of pashmak:

history of pashmak

Maybe we all think pashmak is an Iranian sweet but in fact, the discovery of Cotton candy goes back to the end of the 19th century which was introduced and welcomed in an exhibition about ten years later.

The inventor of this Cotton candy was William Morrison and John Wharton and you may find it interesting that William Morrison himself was a dentist. In 1970 an automatic Cotton candy machine was built.

World Pashmak Day is on December 7 but the history of Cotton candy in Iran dates back to World War II, when it was first produced in Borujerd.

But now we will teach you how to prepare this delicious sweet at home, but do not overdo it, you can prepare Cotton candy in different flavors and colors.

How to prepare wooden pashmak(iranian cotton candy):

How to make pashmak

To make a professional wooden Cotton candy you need a machine. But in normal conditions and when you don’t have access to the machine you can prepare homemade pashmak without a machine in the previous way.

Then wrap it very slowly around the wood and shape it.

How to prepare cup pashmak for the party:

How to prepare cup pashmak for the party

To prepare homemade Cotton candy as a simple and cheap sweet for Yalda night or occasions such as birthday parties you can serve this in a cup.

How to prepare pashmak in a pot without an oven or machine is done exactly as it was said before.

Then you need to pour Cotton candy inside the cup. To do this, separate some of them. Pour it into a narrow glass and press it with the back of a spoon. Press them until it is completely combined and their thickness reaches 2 or 3 cm.

Turn the beaker over and tap it Cotton candy comes out. At the end use nuts such as pistachios and almonds to decorate this sweet. You can also serve this sweet model with Persian tea and gol gav zaban.

Notes for Persian pashmak:

notes for pashmak

  • There are different flavors for all kinds of Cotton candy among them we can mention saffron, cocoa, vanilla, milk, cantaloupe, orange, strawberry, mint, etc. Cotton candy will be different. For example, you can use vanilla or cocoa instead of saffron.
  • If you want cocoa Cotton candy, when you pour flour and oil on the bottom of the tray add cocoa powder, and if you want other flavors, use permitted food colors and flavorings to have colored Cotton candy.
  • Until the Persian pashmak is fully prepared do not cut it with a knife and do not cut the rings because then these sweet strings will stick together.
  • In the method of making homemade Cotton candy without a machine, you can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar after boiling the water and sugar mixture.
  • In the way of preparing this sweet with candy, you can use candy and a little water instead of mixing sugar and water to make nectar.
  • After finishing the steps of the homemade Persian cotton candy recipe and preparing it, place the pashmak in a closed container or ziplock bag and leave it in a dry and cool place other than the refrigerator.
  • You can also use corn flour instead of white flour in the recipe for simple homemade this sweet.
  • To make this at home, if the strings are broken during work you can connect them again and shape them again.
  • You can also use some cardamom powder to add fragrance to Cotton candy in the recipe of homemade this sweet with a pot.

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FAQ persian cotton candy:

faq for pashmak

1. Is it possible to make homemade pashmak without a machine?

Yes, you can prepare it in a pot to make delicious homemade Persian cotton candy.

2. How to prepare Pashmak with candy?

In the way of making Persian cotton candy with candy, you should use candy instead of sugar to make pashmak.

3. How to prepare wooden pashmak?

To make wooden Cotton candy you need a machine but if you don’t have a machine you can wrap the prepared Cotton candy around a wood and make a wooden pashmak.

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