Persian Sohan Asali Recipe Step by Step+5 Golden Notes

Sohan asali is one of the types of Sohan whose origin goes back to the city of Qom.Sohan dates back to the Qajar period.

At that time, they called it a new type of halva and brought it to the king as an offering, which later became known as sohan.

But sohan asali has been very popular among Iranians. You can prepare this delicious sohan in the evenings and on Yalda night.

How to make sohan asali?

Preparing this sweet is very easy, but to get a good result, be sure to measure the ingredients. This sweet is strong and nutritious due to almonds and honey, but people with diabetes should be a little careful when using this sohan.

A good first-grade sohan asali should be crisp and not stick to the teeth. Today in Parsi Di Sohan, we will teach you delicious honey. Stay with us.

Sohan asali recipe

How to make sohan asali

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


(All the ingredients should be Tas the same temperature as the environment.)

Butter 1.4 ounce
Sugar 2.6 ounce
Honey 2.6 ounce
Sliced almonds 2.6 ounce
Thick brewed saffron 1 teaspoon


1. Before starting the work, fill the kettle with water and boil it on the heat.
Sohan asali must be poured on the desired surface as soon as it is ready, so before starting, arrange the desired place on the work table.

To pour this sweet, you can use a Teflon sheet (grease-proof paper), silicone mat, scaly silicone mold, or a metal tray.

If you use a metal tray, grease the tray with a pastry brush and liquid oil, but there is no need to grease the rest of the surfaces. If you have no, put aluminum foil on an aluminum tray and grease it with a pastry brush and liquid oil.

2. To prepare this sweet, You can use steel, cast iron, granite, teflon pan, or boiling milk. It is very important to choose a dish that is not thin and has a light color; if you use a pan or a kettle with a dark coating (for example, black Teflon), it is impossible to distinguish the color, and sohan may taste burnt.

3. Pour the butter into a milk jug and put it on medium-low heat until it melts completely. Then add white sugar and honey to the butter and stir with a wooden spoon or a silicone spatula.

Stir this sweet every few minutes, but stir with a non-metallic spoon (wooden, silicone, Teflon…). A metal spoon is a heat conductor and causes temperature changes.

step 3 sohan asali

4. Increase the flame to medium After adding sugar and honey and stirring the ingredients. This sweet is a kind of caramel, and the low flame causes the sugar to settle and the texture of the sohan to be uneven. After a few minutes, the material starts to thicken.

At this stage, the color of the material is like honey.

step 4 sohan asali

You are not allowed to stir continuously while preparing sohan asali because excessive stirring causes the temperature to drop, makes the cooking process long, and makes this sweet very hard. Too much stirring causes it to fall into the oil.

5. If you have a stick thermometer, use it; if not, fill a glass with water and ice at this stage and put it next to the pot. Be on top of the ingredients constantly, and shake the pot every few minutes. After a few minutes, the color of the ingredients will turn from honey to brown.

6. When the material turns dark brown pour a spoon of the material into the mixture of water and ice. If it falls consistently to the bottom of the glass and the texture is completely firm and brittle, it means sohan is ready.

If not, continue. If you have a thermometer, it should show a temperature of 160 to 165 degrees Celsius.

7. Add almond slices and thick saffron, stir, and heat for another thirty seconds. Now place the kettle on the work table and put the pot on the kettle. Ensure the water vapor does not touch the sweet because it will make it sticky.

step 7 sohan asali

8. If you didn’t use a kettle and the ingredients stiffened in the middle of the process, do not put it on direct heat and place it on a boiling kettle to make it flow again; ensure no steam enters the ingredients.

9. With the help of two teaspoons, pour the ingredients on the desired surface and then, if desired, decorate the slices with chopped pistachio slices or pistachio powder.

Pay attention that pistachio decoration should be done on the spot. Otherwise, it will not stick to sohan. When pouring, be careful that the thickness of the sohan asali should not be too much.

step 9 sohan asalii

atep 9 sohan asali

10. Rest the ingredients in the same way on the work table for twenty minutes and then put them in a sealed container.
This sweet can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator for one month.

Unfortunately, the contact of sohan asali with the air in humid places causes it to become sticky, so if you live in humid cities, put it on the table with cellophane for serving.

step 10 sohan asali

History of sohan asali:

sohan asali history

The history of the first Sohan is attributed to the Qajar period in the city of Qom. Sohan is a type of halva invented between 1289 and 1290 AH when the Atabaki court of Hazrat Masoumeh’s court was supposed to be opened in the city of Qom.

The story was that for the opening, the elders of the city of Qom had a grand ceremony, and Naser al-Din Shah was supposed to attend the ceremony in person. Still, for security reasons, he sent the head of the Qajar tribe in his place.

According to the custom, all the city elders had to offer something to the king. After having lunch, the king’s representative ate the persian halva; he liked it very much. Then requested to take some halva for the king as well.

In this way, the name Sohan was put on this halva; of course, the use of Sohan was reserved for elders and nobles. Sohan is produced in different shapes and types, such as sohan asali, and sohan konjedi.

This persian sweet is served with iranian tea,gol gav zaban, and persian sour cherry tea.

Difference between sohan asali and poolaki:

Difference between sohan asali and poolaki

There is a similar product to Sohan Asali called Poolki, which should not be confused with this. The main ingredients of poolaki are sohan asali and sugar, and to prepare both ingredients, it is boiled until it reaches the desired concentration, but poolaki is cooked to a lower concentration and temperature.

That’s why it is thinner and brighter.

Poolaki under the teeth are easily crushed and melt in the mouth like sugar, but sohan needs to be chewed.

The amount of ingredients (almonds, sesame seeds…) is very high in sweet, but in poolaki a small amount of ingredients are used to mix with candy, and most of the candy taste is felt in the mouth.


notes for sohan asali

  • You can use animal butter (breakfast butter), supermarket butter (margarine), or a mixture of both for this recipe. Please note that traditional butter, lactic butter, low-fat butter, solid oil, and smooth oil cannot be used.
  • The butter should be at room temperature.
  • In this recipe, there is no need to use first-grade honey, and you can use any available honey, but honey cannot be replaced with glucose, date juice, grape juice, or corn syrup.
  • Instead of sliced almonds, you can use the same amount of sesame, chopped peanuts, or cashew nuts. Bnuts do not need to be roasted.
  • You can use a quarter teaspoon of powdered saffron instead of brewed saffron in this recipe. If you use brewed saffron, know that the concentration of saffron in baking recipes is very important because if it is diluted, the desired color and taste will not be given to the product.
  • To prepare a teaspoon of thick saffron, add a teaspoon of boiling water to a quarter of a teaspoon of ground saffron, stir, leave it on steam for ten minutes, and then use it.

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sohan asali badam va pesteh

1.what is sohan asali?

Sohane asali is one of the types of sohan whose origin goes back to the city of Qom.Sohan dates back to the Qajar period. At that time, they called it a new type of halva and brought it to the king as an offering which later became known as sohan.

2. what is served with this sohan?

Along with this sohan served persian tea and other sweets like sohan e qom, persian gaz, ghottab, and persian baklava.


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