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I never liked barley soup or soup jo until I found out about its benefits. I haven’t liked the taste of barley since I was a child, but since I learned about the great benefits of this soup, it made me always eat a bowl of barley soup before meals, especially in winter.
I can tell you with confidence that eating barley soup before meals will improve the functioning of the digestive system and the body’s immune system.

Soup jo Irani is one of the most popular restaurant soups and is served as an appetizer in almost all restaurants. It is interesting to know that contrary to the public opinion that soup jo is considered an appetizer, this soup is a complete food due to the presence of vitamins and minerals in it.

Iranian Barley soup has become one of the most famous appetizers that is cooked in almost all international restaurants around the world and has many fans due to the presence of various ingredients that are cooked with barley.

Besides the barley soup, there are also ash reshteh ,sholeh zard, and halva havij, on the iftar table during Ramadan.

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soup jo persian

soup jo Persian

You can prepare this useful and tasty persian soup as a complete meal for the family during the cold days of the year.We assure you that by cooking soup jo at home a few times,you can compete with the colorful and glazed soups available in restaurants.

It is very easy to cook this soup and even those who do not know how to cook can easily make this delicious soup in the best possible way.Barley has many properties that you can benefit from by cooking this soup.

The best advantage of barley soup is that it is not limited to a specific recipe and you can use your favorite ingredients according to your taste.With the amount of ingredients included in this recipe,you can prepare barley soup for 4 people.

If you want to make more or less soup,just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients.Stay with meals cook with soup jo cooking tutorial.

For the cold days of the year or the nights when you want a light and easily digestible and nutritious dinner,barley soup can be useful in all kinds of ways and due to the various raw materials used for this soup you can enjoy it with a new taste and color every time.

For: 8 people

preparation time: 10 minutes

cooking time: 1 hour to 2 hours


ingredient soup jo

Barley 1 medium cup
Chicken breast half a whole breast
carrot 1 medium
onion 2 medium
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
parsley A small amount for decoration
lemon 1 large
salt and black pepper as needed
Turmeric powder and liquid oil as needed

How to make soup jo: (soup jo recipe)

How to make soup jo


1. The first step to prepare soup jo is to soak the barley a few hours before (at least two hours) so that it is well soaked and cooked more easily.Our recommendation is that whenever you want to make this soup,soak the barley immediately so that you don’t have too much time to cook the soup.

soak the barley

2. After the barley are well soaked,pour them into a pot with 5 to 6 glasses of water and let them cook on low heat.Of course,while cooking barley you must pay attention to the pot and stir the barley once in a while so that it does not stick to the bottom.

3.It takes about an hour for the barley to cook on its own over low heat until it becomes soft and glazed.While cooking barley,you can prepare other soup ingredients.Next,put the chicken together with one of the onions and a little turmeric powder and water in a small pot to cook.

fry chicken with onions

4.At this stage,cut the onion into small pieces and saute it in a pan with a little liquid oil until it becomes soft and golden.Note that you should use a little oil at this stage because too much oil will make your soup greasy.

5.After the onion is soft,chop the carrot into small pieces and add it to the onion.Saute the carrot a little,then add a little turmeric powder and black pepper to the ingredients.Saute the ingredients for another minute until they are uniform with the spices,then remove them from the heat and set them aside.

add carrot to soup

6.After the chicken breast is completely cooked,chop it into small pieces and add it to the pan with onions and carrots.

chopped chicken for soup

Put the pan on the heat again and saute a little until the ingredients are uniform and the chicken pieces are fried a little.At this stage,add the tomato paste and saute well until it is completely fried.Sauting the tomato paste makes the taste and color of the soup perfect at the end of cooking.

7.At this stage,after the barley cooks for about an hour on low heat,add the ingredients in the pan (a mixture of onions,carrots and chicken) to the pot of barley and let the soup cook on very low heat for another one to one and a half hours.

8.The important thing about barley soup is that the more it cooks with gentler heat and more time,the tastier it will be.Measure the salt and pepper in the last 15 minutes of cooking the soup,you can add lime juice at this stage or serve it on the side after pouring the soup in dish.

9.In the last 5 minutes of cooking,chop the parsley and pour it over the soup.Do not cover the pot after adding the parsley because it will spoil the parsley Of course,you can pour parsley on it after serving the soup in the bowl.

chop the parsley and pour it over the soup

10.Note that while cooking the soup,we must stir it every few moments so that the soup does not stick.Finally,add lime juice then pour the soup into the desired dish and serve it with fresh lemon.

soup jo is ready

Notes for soup jo:

Notes for soup jo

  • Glaze soup jo:

One of the problems that beginner cooks have when making soup jo at home is that their soup is watery at the end of cooking and does not have enough glaze.In order for your barley soup to be glazed,you should keep a few points in mind,which are mentioned below:

1.Barley is suitable for soup jo:

Do not use oat groats or oat to cook this soup because in addition to having less glaze,they also have a negative effect on the appearance of the soup.The best option for cooking this soup is peeled barley,which gives a good glaze to the soup if it is cooked for a long time on low heat.

2.Glazing the soup with noodles:

If you don’t have enough time while cooking the soup to wait for the soup to glaze well,you can use soup noodles to glaze the soup.Note that you must grind the noodles into powder or very finely,then add them to the soup jo.

This gives a nice glaze to the soup and another important thing to keep in mind is to add a little soup noodles because if you add too much to your soup will be harden very quickly.

  • soup jo without chicken:

If you don’t want to use chicken meat in your soup,you can remove it from the necessary ingredients.Of course,you can use chicken broth or natural extracts of chicken meat instead of chicken meat to make the soup taste better.

  • Barley soup for colds:

If you want to make this soup to strengthen the patient or treat a cold,it is recommended to add some chopped garlic along with some ginger to the soup ingredients.One of the important properties of garlic is its antiseptic property.

  • A good cooking of barley will make the soup more glazed and firmer.
  • Finely chop the parsley so that it does not leak water and then pour it on the barley soup.
  • Take some of the soup and puree it with a food processor,then add it to the soup until the soup thickens.
  • When cooking chicken,add onions to it to make the chicken broth taste better.You don’t need to chop them,you can just put them in the water and take them out of the water after cooking.

Vitamins and minerals

Barley’s potassium, folate, iron, and vitamin B-6 content, together with its lack of cholesterol, all support cardiovascular functions.

For example, researchTrusted Source has suggested that consuming a diet rich in vitamin B-6 and folate may help reduce levels of a compound called homocysteine. Having high levels of homocysteine may increase the risk of heart disease.

Other studiesTrusted Source have indicated that eating a diet rich in these nutrients may help reduce heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure.


Tips for serving and adding ingredients to barley soup:

Tips for serving and adding ingredients to barley soup

  • When serving the soup,you can also pour a little butter and lemon juice in your soup and eat it.
  • If you want that barley soup jo takes less cooking time,keep it in the freezer after soaking in small packages.
  • Soup that is prepared a day before,tastes better.
  • If your soup is salty,you can pour a peeled potato in it and let it cook for 15 minutes,then take it out.

FAQ for Soup jo

1. What is main ingredient in soup jo ?

Barley, chicken breast and onions is main ingredient in barley soup.

2. What is soup jo in English?

Soup jo is mean in English Barley soup.

3.Is Barley Soup healthy?

Yes, barley soup contains fiber and many useful vitamins for the human body due to the presence of barley and vegetables.

4.Can I freeze soup jo?

Yes, you can freeze this soup for a short time, and to use it, you have to reheat the soup in a mild temperature.

5. Can Barley Soup be made vegetarian ?

Yes, by removing the chicken from the barley soup, it becomes a wonderful soup for vegetarians, which is full of properties and vitamins.

6. What is served with soup jo?

Barley soup is served with sangak bread or barbari bread.

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest you this dessert without chicken.
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