Top 5 Yalda Night Foods (Shab_e Chelleh Foods) 2024

In this article, which I wrote according to my taste, I want to introduce you to the best Yalda Night Foods. So, be with me so that some of your memories will be remembered by seeing these foods and sweets.

Yalda night is a memorable Iranian night in which delicious foods and fruits are served. Usually, I was on a diet for the whole year, until this night, I had to eat all the delicious foods, such as fesenjan, ash anar, khoresh kadoo halvaie, and other delicious foods, which I will explain below.

Then I used to eat all kinds of nuts, fruits, pomegranates, baslogh, and all kinds of Iranian sweets until the morning. So stay with meals cook site to know more about this night.

What is Yalda night?

What is Yalda night

The last night of autumn every year, the first night of winter is the longest night of the year or Yalda night. In this beautiful and elegant celebration, Iranian women with different tastes have colorful and delicious tables of all kinds of food and fruits decorated with colors.

They prepare red, and this red color is obtained from pomegranate and watermelon, which are the main fruits of Shab Chele. Colorful tables are authentic Iranian dishes prepared with pomegranate or pomegranate paste and pumpkin, which we will explain below.

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 What are Yalda night nuts?

 What are Yalda night nuts

Yalda night nuts are similar to Nowruz Eid nuts, with the difference that the nuts are not salty, and in nuts, baslogh and dried fruits are also used. Shab Chele nuts are one of the most important elements of this night. Nuts and fruits are for family members to gather together and create a great and happy family atmosphere.

 Yalda night fruits:

On this excellent and traditional night, also known as the longest night of the year, all kinds of fruits are served: nuts, sweets, and Iranian tea. These fruits are watermelon, pomegranate, dates, and pumpkins. Fava beans are also used as dessert on this night.

Top 5 Yalda night foods:


6.khoresh kadoo halvaie

khoresh kadoo halvaie yalda night

No. 6 of Yalda night foods is khoresh kadoo halvaie, which is very tasty and beautiful. With the arrival of winter, pumpkin fruit also arrives. In addition to the stew, you can also prepare delicious desserts and shakes with pumpkin.
If you want a delicious and very special stew, I suggest you this stew.

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5. Morgh torsh

morgh torsh shabe yalda

Number 5 of Yalda Night Foods is dedicated to an authentic Gilani dish. I invite the fans of sour and sour food to see the recipe for morgh torsh gilani we have already posted. The reason for choosing this dish for Yalda night is the presence of pomegranates and jam in this dish. You can put this stew on your Yalda table by decorating it with pomegranate.

4. Sabzi polo ba mahi

sabzi polo ba mahi shabe yalda

Number 4 of Yalda Night Foods is dedicated to sabzi polo ba mahi. You may wonder why this popular dish is not chosen number one. If I want to be honest with you, I could put this dish at the top of the table, but because I don’t like fish very much, I put it forth and hope fish fans forgive me.
This dish can be served with its beautiful shape and sometimes with coco sabzi as an authentic dinner on cold winter nights.

3. Morgh nardoon

morgh nardoon shab yalda

Don’t forget number 3, again from Gilan and again a sour dish with chicken and pomegranate paste. Due to the presence of pomegranate and paste and its beautiful appearance on Yalda night table, my choice is khoresh morgh nardoon as the top three. I already posted the recipe for my food for you.
The combination of chicken with pomegranate and pomegranate concentrate has always been beautiful and delicious

2. Ash anar

ash anar shabe yalda

And number 2 is Yalda night food and Pomegranate soup. All types of soup have always been lovely to me because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in addition to the good taste. The neck is separated from the rest of ash anar. An attractive, delicious, and beautiful combination for your Yalda table.

1. Fesenjan

fesenjan shabe yalda

Number 1 and the favorite food of me and the people of Taleghan. Finally, we have reached the best Iranian food. If it were up to me, I would eat this food from breakfast to dinner. I think there is no other food in the history of food that is more festive, simple, and delicious than Fasanjan.

The attractive hot and sour walnut kernel powder and chicken or meat with pomegranate paste can decorate any table, especially the Yalda night table.
If it were me, I would say that the best Yalda night food is fesenjan stew, and I would not write the rest of the article, but I should not prefer my taste to others.

What countries celebrate Yalda Night?

Except for Iran, Yalda Nights, or winter solstice, is celebrated in other countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, East Asia, Scotland, Africa, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Russia, with different rituals, foods, and traditions.


FAQ Yalda night foods

1. What is Yalda night?
Yalda Night, also known as Cheleh Night, is an ancient Iranian festival that celebrates the longest night of the year or the last night of autumn every year.

2. What kind of food is important on Yalda night?
Food is one of the main pillars of Sabyaldas, and foods that contain pomegranate, pomegranate paste, and pumpkin are very important.

3. Which fruits are consumed on Yalda night?
Pomegranate and watermelon are the most symbolic fruits consumed on Yalda night; these red fruits symbolize life.

4. Is there a special sweet or dessert associated with Yalda night?
Yes, authentic Iranian sweets and all kinds of Shab Chele nuts and fruit leaves are used on this night along with Baslogh.

5. Why is red color important in Yalda night food?
Red, seen in pomegranates and watermelons, symbolizes passion for life and victory in ancient Brazil and Egypt.

6. How are Yalda night meals usually presented?
Yalda night foods are often served on a “kursi” (a traditional low table with a heater underneath) with a blanket on top of it. Usually, the whole family puts their feet under the chair warms up and spends the night Hafez poems.

Finally, if you have any memories of Yalda night foods and even Yalda night with your family, please write to me in the comments, and we will reminisce.

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