Best Khoresh Morgh Nardooni Recipe+7 Golden Tips

One of the foods that can be prepared in autumn and winter is Khoresh Morgh Nardooni. This food is actually a type of stew that is served with pilaf, and it originally belonged to the northern regions of Iran. Still, it has managed to find its way to other regions of Iran and opened its place in everyone’s hearts.

Naturally, pomegranate paste and pomegranate seeds are very important in the khoresh morgh nardooni recipe. Both fresh and dry pomegranates can be used in this dish. In the north of Iran, especially in Mazandaran, they cook morgh nardoon using dried pomegranates in all seasons of the year. Many people also prepare this dish with fresh pomegranate for Yalda night.

This food is served in Yalda Night such as other persian food: sabzi polo ba mahi, kuku sabzi, fesenjan .

What is khoresht morgh nardooni?

What is khoresht morgh nardooni

Khoresh Morgh nardooni is going to introduce you to a magical taste and combination obtained from pomegranate. If you do not have experience eating this stew, it is better to know that this dish has a sour taste that is obtained from pomegranate, pomegranate paste, and pomegranate juice, and this makes no one stop eating it.

Morgh nardoon stew is very easy to prepare, and by preparing the necessary ingredients, you can easily make this delicious northern dish at home. You don’t need to be a professional chef to cook this dish, but it’s better to follow this recipe so you don’t miss the original taste of this dish.

Since we are in the fall season and pomegranates are found in all homes, in this article on meals cook we will teach you how to prepare khoresh morgh nardooni. It is better to practice now and cook morgh nardooni for this year’s Yalda night.

How to make khoresh morgh nardooni?

How to make khoresh morgh nardooni

Khoresh morgh nardooni recipe

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 90 minutes


Chicken breast and thigh 4 pieces
Pomegranate juice 1 ½ cup
Garlic  3 cloves
Medium onion 1 piece
Pomegranate paste 3 tablespoons
Salt as needed
Black pepper half a teaspoon
Turmeric half a teaspoon
Oil as needed
Pomegranate seeds 1 cup

Instruction khoresh morgh nardooni:

khoresh morgh nardoon

1. Fry the onion

step 1 khoresh morgh nardooni

Preparing khoresh morgh nardooni start by washing and chopping the onion and then put a pot suitable for cooking the stew on low heat and pour the oil in it until it gets hot then add the onion and stir well until it becomes light and golden.

2. Add the chicken


After frying the onion, finely grate the garlic, pour it into the pot, and fry it until the smell of garlic rises, but do not let it burn.

add the chicken meat and fry it

Next, add the chicken meat and fry it well. Pour some turmeric and mix the ingredients.

Pour some turmeric and mix the ingredients

3. Flavoring the chicken

To prepare the ingredients for this stew, it is better to sprinkle a little black pepper on the chicken fry both sides of the chicken until it is well-fried, and then take the chicken pieces out of the pot.

4. Stirring the paste

step 4 khoresh morgh nrdoon

Pour the specified amount of tomato paste into the pot and stir well until the raw smell of the paste is removed and the color is released. Now, it’s time to add the pomegranate paste and stir until the color is released. Next, pour the pomegranate juice with some salt into the pot.

5. Cooking the stew

Cooking the khoresh morgh nardooni

Continue cooking stew by adding the fried chicken pieces to the pot and then close the lid of the pot and let the cooking process with a gentle heat. Allow about 3 hours for the pomegranate juice to be absorbed by the chicken.

6. Adding pomegranate seeds

Adding pomegranate seeds

To complete the stew both in terms of taste and appearance, you can add pomegranate seeds in the pot. But remember to do this only for the last 10 minutes so that the pomegranate is not white and tasteless and has a beautiful appearance.

7. Adding salt

Now it’s time to taste the sour and delicious stew that you made and if needed, add some salt and pepper and let the stew settle down and release oil.

8. Preparing the stew

khoresh morgh nardooni is ready

The original taste of khoresh morgh nardooni is sour, but if you like it, you can add as much sugar as you like to get a sweet taste. Anyway, serve this stew with rice and enjoy eating it.

Notes for morgh nardooni stew:

notes for khoresh morgh nardooni

  • The sour taste of the stew depends on the type of pomegranate paste.
  • Remember that if you use pomegranate seeds, do not let them cook for more than 10 minutes.
  • Fry the chicken well and add spices so that it doesn’t smell bad.
  • If your pomegranate paste and pomegranate juice are sour, you can use a tablespoon of sugar or a few Bukhara plums to taste this khoresh.
  • In some regions, especially in the cities of Mazandaran, fried eggplant is used to make saffron morgh nardooni for Yalda night. Salt the eggplants after peeling them and fry them after washing them. Add the eggplants to the stew in the last ten minutes of cooking.
  • Adding walnuts to Mazandarani saffron morgh nardooni stew or northern nardooni chicken for Yalda night also depends on your taste. Gilanis usually add walnuts to khoresh morgh nardooni.In this case, add ½ cup of ground walnuts to them at the stage of frying the onions and fry a little until you have morgh nardooni with walnuts.
  • Gilanis sometimes add aromatic herbs to this stew and turn it into another delicious stew. If you add some aromatic herbs, including leeks, coriander, parsley, and mint, to khoresh morgh nardoon in the style of Gilani, then this stew will become pomegranate stew which is very similar to khoresh fesenjan. The only difference between morgh nardooni and khoresh fesenjan is the addition of aromatic vegetables.


1. What is served with khoresh morgh nardooni?

With morgh nardooni stew is served zeytoon parvardeh, mast o musir, sabzi khordan, salad shirazi and Persian doogh,

2. Can I make this without pomegranate?

No, pomegranate is the main ingredient for this stew.

3. Can I freeze chicken stew for 2 weeks?

No, you should serve this nardooni stew fresh.

4. Can I use meat instead of chicken?

Yes, you can use lamb instead of chicken.

5. What if fresh pomegranate is not available?

If fresh pomegranate is not available, you can use frozen pomegranate.

6. Can this food be used for children?

Yes, due to the presence of pomegranate and chicken, this food is very high in vitamins and protein and is very suitable for children.

7. Is this food suitable for vegans?

Yes, if we remove the chicken from this dish, it is great for vegetarians.

Did you like a recipe for this food?

  • If you have experience eating nardooni stew, please say your comment.
  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest you this stew without chicken.
  • You can ask me questions about this food paste in the comments. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.
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