Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche Recipe – Khorak Mahicheh

Baghali polo ba mahicheh(khorak mahiche) is cooked with special spices along with fava beans, Iranian rice, saffron, and animal oil. It is a nutritious, healthy, great food, and at the same time, it is suitable for gatherings and important parties.

Bagali pilaf with muscle is also used in Iranian weddings and is very luxurious. Along with this dish, you can use seer torshi and Shirazi salad.

Soup jo is usually used before serving this dish for better digestion.

mahiche ba polo reciep

Ingredients baghali polo ba machine:

Rice 4 half cups
Fava beans 2 cups
Dill 1 cup
Lamb shanks 3 pieces
Medium Onion 4 piece
Salt as needed
Black Pepper as needed
Turmeric as needed
Brewed saffron as needed

Baghali polo ba mahiche recipe:

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 4 hours

Cooking time: 3 hours

1. To make delicious baghali polo ba mahiche, we first go to the lamb shanks. We fry the muscles alone in a little oil.
When both sides of the meats change color and become golden, remove the muscles from the pot.

fry lamb shanks

2. At this stage, fry the onions in oil. We eat a medium onion for each muscle. Because the reason why the muscle is tasty is the presence of onions.

When the onions turn golden, we add turmeric, cinnamon, and pepper.

fry onions with spices

3. In the next step, we add the previously slightly fried muscles to the ingredients. Then, we add 4 glasses of water to the pot. Consider that we do not add salt for now.

We put the lid on the pot and let the meat cook for 3-4 hours. After cooking, check that the meat is soft and cooked.

cook lamb shank

4. Then we start soaking the rice and let the rice soak in salt water for two hours. After two hours, we add the drained rice to the pot of boiling water.

drain rice for polo

Meanwhile, we also cook the fava beans in another pot. For 4 cups of rice, we cook 2 cups fava beans. When cooking fava beans, foam forms on the beans, so we scrape the foam with a spoon and cook the beans again.

fava beans cook

add water to pot

5. Then go to the rice and drain it. After boiling the rice, go to the lamb shanks and see that it is cooked after 3 hours and now we add salt and boiled saffron to them.

add saffron to lamb shank

6. Then, we put a few pieces of lavash bread to heat the bottom of the pot and add fava beans, rice, and dill to the pot, respectively.

To make the rice delicious, you can add a combination of water, oil, cinnamon, and saffron to the bottom of the rice.

put a few pieces of lavash bread

add dill to rice

Finally, the rice and Pour the beans completely into the pot and make a few big holes on the 4 sides of the rice with the bottom of the skimmer.

This will make the steam come out of the pot more easily, and the rice will cook better.

make a few big holes on rice

7. At the last stage, the baghali polo ba mahiche is ready. You can eat it with sir torshi, torshi liteh and mast o musir.

baghali polo ba mahiche is ready

What is served with baghali polo ba mahiche?

Baghali polo ba mahiche can be served with special and excellent Iranian side dishes. Among these, we can mention the types of Iranian pickles, such as sir torshi and torshi liteh.

Besides this dish, Salad Shirazi , zeytoon parvardeh, mast o musir are also served in prestigious Iranian restaurants.

My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 10
The ease of cooking Hard
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal, party meal
What is served with? Mast o khiar, sabzi khordan, mast o musir

Benefits of baghali polo ba mahiche

Baghali polo ba mahiche has many benefits due to the presence of green beans. In addition, lamb shank also has benefits such as having very high calories and suitable for supplying energy to the body.

In addition, the lamb shank has a lot of calcium and is suitable for the treatment of osteoporosis.
In the following, I will mention the benefits of beans.

Fava Beans are one of the most popular vegetables consumed in Asia. Fava Beans are rich in protein, vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

If you are exercising and looking for more protein absorption, fava beans are also a source of protein.

Fava Beans are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A, antioxidants, and are suitable for treating various diseases.

In this way, the bean and rice combination, which is a combination of beans, rice, and meat, is very suitable for children and adults.

The combination of beans and rice provides not only protein but also calories needed by the body.

Fava beans are chock-full of nutrients and offer many health benefits. They contain fiber, folate, and manganese, among many other nutrients. Fava beans may also help decrease body weight or lower cholesterol.

Parkinson’s disease causes the death of dopamine-producing brain cells, leading to tremors, issues with motor function and difficulty walking. These symptoms are usually treated with medications that contain L-dopa (5Trusted Source).

this dill benefits sourced by:

Notes for baghali polo ba mahiche:

  • For every 4 cups of rice, you should use two cups of beans.
  • If fresh beans are not available, you can also use frozen beans.
  • I used lavash bread for tahdig, you can use sangak bread or potatoes.
  • Be sure to cook the beans in boiling water before adding them.
  • Before serving this food to children, be aware that they are not allergic to beans.
  • I use original Iranian rice for better cooking and aroma.
  • Usually, because beans absorb a lot of water, you should use a mixture of water and oil before boiling the rice to prevent the rice from drying out.


Baghali polo ba mahiche, besides being a dish full of features, is also a luxury dish for special parties. This dish is used for special parties or special appointments in restaurants.
If you are also interested in meat dishes and are not vegan, try this dish.

Did you like khorak mahicheh recipe?

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I don’t suggest you this dish.
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