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Estamboli polo is the only pilaf that my mother prepares as quickly as possible. A delicious pilaf made from a combination of tomatoes and Iranian rice. By the time the meat and chicken are finished inside the house, you should understand that it is time to cook estamboli pilaf.

Of course, I would like to add that you can make this delicious pilaf with pieces of chicken or minced meat. But usually, this dish is famous for the combination of tomato and rice along with special spices.

Estamboli Pollo, also known as Polo Gojeh, is one of those tasty and delicious dishes that anyone can easily make. In addition, the basic ingredients of this dish are available in every kitchen and can be prepared easily.

Since I love minced meat, I have prepared for you the recipe for estamboli Polo with minced meat.

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My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 7
The ease of cooking Easy
Served for Dinner, Launch
Suggest for Daily meal
What is served with? Salad shirazi, sabzi khordan, mast o musir
Preparation time 20 minutes
Cooking time 40 minutes
Serve for  4 people

Ingredient for estamboli polo with minced meat

ingredient estamboli polo

Persian rice 0.9 pound
Minced meat 0.6 pound
Large onion 1 pcs
Tomato  5 pcs
Liquid oil as needed
Potatoes 2 medium
Persian saffron powder as needed
Salt and black pepper as needed
Turmeric and cinnamon half a teaspoon


1. To prepare estamboli polo with minced meat, soak the rice on a suitable side with water and salt. You should do this 3 to 2 hours before cooking, depending on the type of rice.
2. Then wash the tomatoes well and then you can grate them or chop them into small pieces. Of course, you can also use a food processor and mixer to chop tomatoes for convenience.
3. Now bring the kitchen tray along with a big onion. Cut the onion into wedges with a knife. Heat the pan with a little oil, onion and turmeric. Put the chopped onions in the pan. Fry the onions until they become light.

4. Then, add the minced meat to the pan along with a little black pepper and salt. Fry all the ingredients in the pan again until the color of the meat changes and leaves its red color.

add minced meat to sauce

5. At this stage, it’s time to go to the potatoes. First, peel the potatoes, wash them beforehand, and place them in a clean towel to remove excess water.

add potato to sauce

Then, chop them into small cubes so that they can be served easily when mixed with rice. Now put them in another pan with oil and salt and fry them like onions. I usually fry them until they are half-fried.

6. Now add the tomato puree to the ingredients and fry the ingredients. Continue this until the excess tomato juice evaporates. You can also use a little tomato paste to make it more colorful.
7. In the last step of the Istanbul recipe with minced meat, put the rice on the heat until it boils. At this time, the rice foams.

mix rice and sauce

Be sure to get the foam on it and drain it after it becomes soft. Bring a pot and put the necessary amount of oil on the bottom of it. Then, use lavash bread for tahdig and put it in the bottom of the pot. This is completely arbitrary).

mix ingredient for estamboli

8. Then, pour a little rice and a little of the mixture of tomato and minced meat; do this until the rice and ingredients are finished. Stir the cumin and pilaf spice until all the ingredients are used.
In the end, we brew the Stamboli for 40 minutes until the estamboli polo with minced meat is ready.

stamboli polo is ready

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Notes for estamboli polo

estamboli polo notes

  • I always try to use tomato puree and less tomato paste; this keeps the original taste of this dish.
  • You can also make other models of Stamboli: Stamboli with pieces of chicken, Stamboli Kete without chicken and meat, and Stamboli with vegetables.
  • To make this food stronger, you can use a little calf juice in this food. It is excellent for strengthening the bones of children and teenagers.
  • To make the food tastier, add some animal oil to it at the end of cooking the rice.
  • Using some smoked rice in Istanbul rice will give a unique taste and aroma to the food.
  • You can also use some dried aromatic herbs in the tomato mixture for better aroma and taste.

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1. What is the main ingredient in estanboli polo?

Persian rice, tomato, and onion are the main ingredient in estanboli polo.

2. What is served with estamboli polo?

This pilaf is served with salad Shirazi, sabzi khordan, sir torshi, and persian doogh.

3. How to store Estanboli polo?

You can keep this food in a closed container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. After you take it out of the fridge, you can heat it in a microwave oven or a separate container with two spoons of water on the gas flame.

4. Can this food be used for vegans?

In estamboli pilaf, rice without meat and chicken is excellent for vegans because it is made from rice, tomatoes, potatoes, and spices.

5. Is this food good for children?

Yes, estamboli polo is healthy and full of energy and protein due to the presence of potatoes and tomatoes and the consumption of very little oil.


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