Kotlet Shirazi Recipe_ Quick and Simple Lunch with Potatoes

Kotlet shirazi is an authentic, simple, and fast Iranian dish. Prepare a great meal for your lunch or dinner with the least facilities and in the shortest possible time. If you also have a problem with time to prepare food, be sure to read the rest of this article.

This dish is next to popular Shirazi dishes such as kalam polo shirazi and ash anar Shirazi.

shirazi kutlet

Kotlet shirazi Ingredients:

Potatoes 2 large
Water as needed
Wheat flour about 1 cup
Onion 1 medium
Eggs 2 pcs
Toasted flour 4 tablespoons
Salt, black pepper, and turmeric  as needed
Oil    as needed
Butter  50 gram


1.  first, I put 2 large potatoes in water and some salt to boil and cook. When the potatoes are cooked, I immediately freeze them in water so that their skin can be peeled off easily.

Then I take a relatively large bowl, cut the potatoes into smaller sizes with a knife, and then mash them until they become puree. They should be completely uniform. Then, I put it aside until it reaches room temperature.

step 1 kotlet shirazi

ptatoe become puree

2. Now I heat a pan until it gets hot, then I pour 1 glass of water into it and then add the butter to it. The pan should be completely hot so that when I put the butter into the water, it starts to melt.

3. When the butter is completely melted and the water boils, I add some turmeric to it. Then, I add the flour little by little to the pan. You have to add the flour little by little so that it dissolves completely and does not lump.

This stirring action must be fast. It is better to do it with a whisk so that we can fry the flour until it becomes like in the picture below.

4. When the ingredients reach this state (almost halva-like), I reduce the heat and stir continuously. I do this for about 4 to 5 minutes until the raw smell of flour disappears and the ingredients get a uniform texture.

5. After stirring continuously for 4-5 minutes, I remove it from the heat and leave it aside until it reaches room temperature.

After it reaches room temperature, I add it to the potatoes. Now, add toasted flour and eggs and add the spices, including salt and black pepper, to the ingredients and mix until it is completely uniform.

6. At this stage, I peel, wash, and grate the onion with a fine grater and, add it to these ingredients and mix until it becomes uniform again.

This food mixture is very sticky, so it should be fried with high heat so that less oil is used and it does not stick to the pan.

7. Now, I take a suitable pan, pour oil in it, and turn the gas on high heat until the oil is hot. At the same time, I take a bowl, pour water in it, and keep it next to my hand to use when making this.

When the oil is hot, first, I wet my hand with water next to my hand so that this food mixture does not stick to my hand. Then, I take the size of a small ball of the Kotlet Shirazi mixture.

8. I spread it with my hands, gather the up and down of it like in the picture, and shape it, then make a hole in the middle with a tool like the end of a spoon so that it is completely cooked. Then I put it in the pan to fry. 

step 8 kotlet shirazi

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9. Then, I fry the rest of the ingredients with the same method. It is better to use oil-absorbing pads to put fried kutlet on the pads after frying so that the oil is removed.

kotlet shirazi is ready

10. After frying all the kotlets, I put them in a desired dish and served them with bread, pickles, or pickled cucumbers and tomatoes.

shirazi kutlet

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What is served with kotlet Shirazi?

serving kotlet shirazi

Next to Kotlet Shirazi, you can enjoy delicious Iranian dishes. Usually, sabzi khordan, khiar shoor, and tomatoes are used along with this dish. It can be served with Sangak bread, lavash bread, or Iranian rice.
I usually use spicy ketchup and spicy pickles like torshi bandari with this dish. I suggest you use it and enjoy it.


Kotlet Shirazi is an original dish from Shiraz city. This dish is also known as bazaari cutlet. If you are interested in learning quick dishes with few ingredients, this dish is very suitable.

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