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I have always loved eating shirini morabaii or Shirini Mashhadi, and I was looking forward to the Eid table because I wanted my mother to make this delicious sweet for the New Year. I loved the jam that was always on top of this sweet, and I ate the jam first and then the sweet.

I always wanted to be able to make this sweet for myself when I grew up because the taste of the sweets in confectionery shops is very different from the one made at home. 

When I grew up and got married, my dear wife Mahsa made this sweet for me exactly with the nostalgic and old method and it had the same flavor and taste for me from 20 years ago.

Mahsa said that now that you like this sweet, let’s write its recipe for our website visitors so that they can experience the taste of this sweet too. So be with us in this article with meals cook site.

How to prepare shirini morabaii?

Shirini morabaii recipe

How to prepare shirini morabaii

Preparation time:60 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

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Ingredients shirini morabaii:

Butter at ambient temperature 0.2 pound
Wheat flour 0.4 pound
Powdered sugar    0.1 pound
Egg  1 pcs
Vanilla  A teaspoon
Baking powder 1/8 teaspoon
Marmalade or strawberry jam or your favorite jam melted chocolate and pistachio powder for decoration    as needed

 How to prepare shirini morabaii with the old method:

1. First, pour the butter that has reached room temperature into the bowl, and then mix the powdered sugar with it.

mix butter and sugar

With a spoon, mix the butter and powdered sugar together. Then, mix the ingredients with an electric mixer until smooth, and It becomes uniform and white.

mix ingredient with mixer

2. After the mixture of powdered sugar and butter becomes uniform and becomes creamy, add eggs and vanilla and mix the ingredients again with a mixer.

add egg to the mix

3. After that, we sift the flour. Pay attention, I sift the flour in three steps until it becomes uniform. In each step, we pour some sifted flour and then we mix it again with the ingredients. In the last step, we also add baking powder along with the flour.

sift the flour

4. Then, we mix all the ingredients with our hands and knead. We continue this until a soft and uniform dough is provided. After that, put the dough in a plastic bag and let it rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

uniform dough is provided

5. After the dough is ready, take it out of the refrigerator, open it and start rolling it out with a rolling pin. After the dough is completely opened, we start moulding it.

we start molding it

6. In the molding step, you can use different molds according to your taste. I use a round and heart mold. After molding, transfer the dough to the grease-proof paper that you have placed on the oven tray.

For the second mold, in the middle, be sure to make holes in the dough. For this, you can use a smaller mold or the lid of a soft drink bottle.

transfer the dough to the grease proof  paper

7. Knead the corners of the dough and the pieces of dough together again, flatten and mold.
After molding the sweets, transfer them to the oven at 180 degrees Celsius. The baking time is between 15 and 20 minutes.

transfer sweets to the oven

8. After the specified time and the cookies are cooked, let them cool down completely and reach the ambient temperature. After cooling, put aside the cookies without holes and decorate the cookies with holes with melted chocolate. If you want, you can add pistachio powder.

decorate the cookies

9. Then, we fill the cookies without holes, which we put in the lower part of the cookie, with strawberry marmalade or cherry jam as desired.

adding marmalad to the sweets

10. I put the shirini morabaii in the refrigerator for 45 minutes until they are ready, and after 45 minutes we take them out of the fridge. The shirini morabaii is ready, and you can eat them with Persian tea or sour cherry tea.

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shirini morabaii is ready

Notes shirini morabaii:

Notes shirini morabaii

  • To work more cleanly, use a funnel instead of a spoon to pour jam or marmalade on the pastry.
  • To decorate the cookies, you can use pistachio powder, coconut powder, sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, marigold flowers, almonds, or truffles.
  • For the pistachio and coconut powder to stick better on the cookies, smear the surface of the cookie with honey or marmalade with a pen so that the powder easily sticks to them.
  • For intermediate ingredients, you can use various types of marmalade or jam, cherry jam, carrot jam, or citron jam.
  • Be sure to use grease-proof paper on the bottom of the tray so that the cookies can be removed more easily.
  • If the dough stays in the fridge too long, it will dry out the pastry.
  • Be careful not to pour too much jam on the side of the cookie because it will make it stick out and make the appearance ugly.
  • You can use melted milk and chocolate.
  • Shirini morabaii despite being a dry cookie, should have a soft texture. The reason for the drying of Mashhadi sweets or any other sweets can be one of these three reasons: lack of oil, too much stirring of the pastry dough and adding too much liquid such as water or milk to it, and of course, sometimes the high temperature of the oven.

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FAQ shirini morabaii:

FAQ shirini morabaii

1. What are the other names of jam sweets?

Mashhadi sweets are also called.

2. What are the main ingredients of jam sweets?

Flour, sugar, egg, jam and vanilla are the main ingredients of this cookie.

3. What kind of drink is usually served with shirini morabaii?

It is usually served with Iranian tea or cherry tea.

Did you like shirini morabaii recipe?

In my opinion, there is one of the Iranian sweets that is hard to find and buy in America, this is the jam sweets, what do you think?

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