Is Persian food halal? Introduction of Halal Iranian Foods in 2024

In this article, we answer the question: Is Persian food halal?
Yes, Iranian food is halal. It is halal because it is prepared from the meat of animals such as cows and sheep according to Islamic rules, and alcoholic beverages are not used in its preparation.

Halal is a law in the Islamic religion, and according to this law, the foods that are allowed to be consumed and how to consume these foods are stated. Almost all Iranians are Muslims and use this law in their food.

For example, there are rules for the use of meat among Muslims and Iranians. The meat of four-legged sheep, goats, cows, camels, and deer is halal.

The meat of animals such as dogs and pigs and beasts with sharp teeth, claws, and nails, like lions, foxes, rabbits, and wolves, is forbidden.

Also, the use of alcohol in drinks is forbidden, and Iranian drinks are all alcohol-free and halal.
Now that you know the meaning of halal, we will continue to explain more thoroughly and introduce more foods and interesting tips, so stay with us.

Iranian food is halal infographic

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Islam generally considers every food halal unless it is specifically prohibited in hadith or the Qur’an.[5] Specifically, halal foods are those that are:

  1. Made, produced, manufactured, processed, and stored using machinery, equipment, and/or utensils that have been cleaned according to Islamic law (shariah).
  2. Free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from eating according to Islamic law.[6]


Which Persian foods are halal?

Meat foods
In Iran, most foods are prepared according to the Islamic method and are halal. However, some points should be observed when preparing these meats.

For example, the meat of slaughtered animals should be mentioned in the name of Allah before the slaughter.

This law is observed everywhere in Iran, and the meats that Iranian butchers prepare are usually beef, sheep, chicken, and fish, which are allowed to be eaten and slaughtered according to Islamic methods.

Accordingly, all Iranian kebabs, such as joojeh kabab and kabab koobideh, are halal for consumption.

halal meat
halal meat

Herbal foods
All vegetarian foods such as kashke bademjan, khoresh ghormeh sabzi, types of rice, and soups are halal and are allowed to be eaten.

Seafood is only halal meat of shrimp and fish, and foods such as ghalieh meygoo and sabzi polo ba mahi are of this type of food.

Which foods are not halal?

Pork and dog meat are forbidden in Islam, so foods like sausages and pork sausages are also forbidden. The method of slaughter is also important, and the meat of dead and strangled animals is forbidden.

haram meat

Drinks such as wine and all types of drinks that contain alcohol are not halal. There are many drinks in Iran, such as all kinds of syrups and teas, none of which contain alcohol and are completely halal.

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Iranian foods are mostly halal, and because Iranians are Muslims, they follow Islamic food laws. Halal is a law in Islam that prohibits eating certain things, such as pork and alcohol.

All cooked foods in Iran are halal at home and in restaurants and are easily available to people.

FAQ for Is Persian food halal

1. Which foods are forbidden in Islam?

It is forbidden to eat the meat of dogs, pigs, wild animals, and dead animals. It is also forbidden to eat alcoholic beverages.

2. Why can’t Iranians eat pork?

Because eating pork is forbidden in Islam, and Iranians are Muslims and follow this law. In addition, pigs eat their feces, and the high percentage of fat and toxic substances in pork makes it forbidden.

3. Is pizza halal or Haram?

Eating pizza is halal, like other foods. But on the condition that sausages and pork sausages are not used.

4. Do Iranians drink alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is forbidden in Iran and Islam and is considered a crime. However, some Iranians like alcoholic drinks and use them at parties, weddings, and small gatherings.

5. What foods are forbidden in Iran?

Foods that are forbidden by Islam, such as pork and dead animals. Foods prepared with alcohol and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

6. Is a burger halal or haram?

Yes, all burgers made with beef or lamb are halal.

7. Which meat is not halal?

Specifically, pork is forbidden in Islam. Also, the meat of predatory animals such as dogs and wolves or the meat of dead animals is forbidden.

8. Is Beer haram?

Yes, any type of beer that contains alcohol is forbidden in Iran.

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