Top Khoresht Mast Esfahani Recipe Easy {in 5 Steps}

On my first trip to Isfahan, I experienced Isfahan yogurt stew or ” khoresht mast”. I enjoyed it and I didn’t think it would be so delicious. The people of Isfahan put nutritious and excellent foods on their table.

This is what has made these people live longer. I have my methods for making yogurt stew, which is very simple and I can make this delicious stew for you in less than an hour.

So stay with me until the end of this article about this delicious and nutritious Isfahani stew.

How to make khoresht mast? (Khoresht mast recipe)

Khoresht mast is usually cooked with boneless sheep neck meat, but if you don’t like to use sheep neck meat, it can also be prepared with white meat such as chicken and turkey.

You can prepare this stew for 4 people with the ingredients included in this recipe. To make more or less stew, multiply or divide the ingredients.

Stay with meals cook with the khoresht mast cooking tutorial.

For: 4 people

Preparation time:30 minutes

Cooking time:1 hours 45 minutes

How to make khoresht mast


Sheep neck meat 1.8 pond
Yogurt abstract  3 cups
Sugar  as needed
Brewed saffron 1 full teaspoon
Onion 1 pcs
Bay leaves 2 pcs
Salt  as needed
Black pepper  as needed
Garlic  as needed
Turmeric  as needed


1. Cooking meat

Cooking meat for khoresh mast

First, put 800 grams of meat in a suitable pot with 1 chopped onion, 2 bay leaves, salt, black pepper, turmeric, and garlic in the necessary amount and water to cover the meat completely and put it on the heat.

2. Grinding the meat

Grinding the meat

Shred the cooked meat in a suitable container, put it on a suitable workboard, and rub it with the palm of your hand for 40 minutes until the meat is completely crushed and uniform.

3. Seasoning yogurt

adding suger to yogurt

In a suitable container, add 3 cups of yogurt and 5 tablespoons of sugar and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved (approximately 10 minutes), then add a teaspoon of boiled saffron and mix until the color of your yogurt Be completely yellow.

adding saffron to yogurt

4. Mix meat with yogurt

mix meat and yogurt

Then we add the meat to the saffron yogurt and mix until it dissolves well in the yogurt and becomes elastic, pour the prepared yogurt stew into the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours.

5. Serving yogurt stew


yogurt stew is ready

After resting for a few hours, take it out of the refrigerator and pour it into a serving dish, and you can decorate it with barberry and pistachio slices to make it more beautiful.

This khoresht is a Persian appetizer like that: dopiaza aloo, kuku sibzamini, kookoo bademjan, pirashki and ash anar.

Serving yogurt stew

What is khoresht mast?

What is khoresht mast

Khoresht mast Isfahan is one of the delicious and popular Iranian desserts which originally belonged to the city of Isfahan. It is interesting to know that this authentic Iranian stew is the only stew that is served as a dessert.

Of course, khoresht mast can be used as a complete meal because it has nutritious and complete ingredients. Another thing about this stew is that it tastes different from other stews and has a sweet taste.

Isfahani yogurt stew has an elastic state, like halim, and in addition to its different and unique taste, it has an appetizing appearance.

The yellow color of this dessert, the red color of the barberry, and its combination with the green color of the pistachio can please any food lover. If you enjoy the flavor of saffron, remember to make khoresht mast.


Yogurt is a popular fermented dairy product produced by lactic acid bacteria, including Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. During yogurt production, these bacteria produce lactic acid, decreasing pH and causing milk protein to coagulate.


You can also read boz ghormeh and Persian gaz recipes.

How to serve khoresht mast?

what is serve with khoresht mast

Khoresht mast is served with sangak bread or lavash bread. Along with this stew is served sabzi khordan and Persian doogh. The amount of meat cooked depends on the heat, the pot, and your meat.

The amount of meat and yogurt depends on your taste, but this stew should be tight enough. The amount of sugar depends on your taste; you can taste and add.

Honey can be used instead of sugar. You can serve yogurt stew as an appetizer, side dish, dessert, or main dish, according to your taste. This stew is not sour at all and has a mild sweet taste.

Many children do not enjoy meat, but they like yogurt. khoresht mast, which has many vitamins and proteins, can be a good option.

It is better not to use an electric meat grinder to mince meat. Using an electric meat grinder will destroy the most important property of this stew, which is the elasticity of this dessert.

Make khoresht mast with chicken

If you have a contraindication for red meat or do not find the combination of red meat with yogurt and sugar interesting, you can prepare this stew with chicken meat. For 4 people, it is enough to use 400 grams of chicken meat. The cooking steps are no different.

Notes for khoresh mast:

  • To cook meat, you can only use salt and bay leaves. We used spices here to remove the smell completely.
  • After shredding the meat, if you need more time, you can pound it with a meat grinder and then rub it, but if you want it to be stretchy, use the meat grinder sparingly.
  • Use rose water, walnuts, or cardamom in your stew.
  • You should not feel the meat under your teeth in this dish.
  • Authentic khoresht mast isfahan is eaten cold.
  • To decorate this dessert, you can use barberry. This decoration gives a different look to this dessert. Different types of dried flowers, such as roses, can also be suitable for decoration.
  • Neck meat is used to prepare authentic khoresht mast, but you can omit the meat if you are a vegetarian. This meatless dessert is still delicious.
  • If you don’t like the taste of red meat, you can use chicken or turkey.
  • The more you pound the meat, the more elastic your stew will be.
  • Instead of neck meat, you can use other parts of the lamb.
  • You can add a little cream to the stew if you use condensed yogurt.
  • Loose and low-fat yogurt will make your stew lack consistency and become loose.
  • Use a container that is not made of zinc to beat the meat.
  • To better serve the khoresht mast, it is better to prepare it 24 hours before setting well.
  • Your yogurt stew may loosen if you don’t pound the meat enough.

notes for khoresht mast

FAQ for khoresht mast:

1. Which kind of meat is used in khoresht mast?

In the main recipe of khoresht mast, sheep neck meat is used, but you can also use chicken or turkey meat to make this aromatic and tasty appetizer.

Of course, Indians also have a type of yogurt stew which, instead of having the flavor of rose water and saffron like khoresht mast Isfahan, is more spicy and peppery with salt seasoning.

2. What is served with khoresh mast?

With khoresh mast is served zeytoon parvardeh, nan sangak, salad shirazi and Persian doogh.

 3. Can I freeze khoresht mast for 2 weeks?

No, You can finally store this stew in the refrigerator for 4 days


Did you like a recipe for khoresht mast?

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