Borani Esfenaj Recipe +10 Benefits Of Persian Yogurt Spinach

Borani esfenaj is a simple and traditional Middle East appetizer that can be prepared with many different recipes. Borani can be both an appetizer and a side dish.

On the other hand, due to having spinach that is rich in iron and yogurt that is full of calcium, it can even be a light, healthy, and nutritious meal. For example, we can sometimes Let’s have it for dinner.

What is borani esfenaj?

What is borani esfenaj

Borani esfenaj is a combination of fresh or cooked spinach with condensed yogurt or regular low-fat yogurt. Borani can be prepared in various models.

If you mix it with garlic and walnuts, its aroma and flavor will be excellent and very invigorating. This appetizer can be called a low-cost supplement.

My experience table:

My level of interest is from 1 to 10 7
The ease of cooking Easy
Served for Appetizer, dessert
Suggest for Daily meal
What is served with?
Fesenjan, aloo esfenaj

Borani esfenaj recipe

Apart from its abundant properties,borani is also very delicious and on the other hand, it is very easy to prepare. Don’t forget to try and eat borani esfenaj.

We can also cook other foods like khoresh aloo esfenaj , nargesi and tahchin esfenaj with esfenaj.

This simple and hearty appetizer is very easy and quick to make, and besides its unique taste and aroma, it is very special. For a full and step-by-step introduction to how to prepare borani esfenaj to stay with meals cook site.

For: 4 people

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


Spinach  2.2 pound
Yogurt  1.1 pound
Garlic   2 cloves
Walnut kernels   4 tablespoons
Salt and black pepper  as needed

 Instruction for borani esfenaj:


1. To prepare the delicious borani esfenaj, first clean the spinach and fresh garlic, wash them clean and finely chop them and pour them into a pot, and put them on low heat until they are completely cooked.

When putting the spinach and garlic on the heat, add some salt and black pepper to them so that the aroma of the spices is released and absorbed into the ingredients.

2. After they are cooked well and the water excess removed pick it up from the heat.

3. Then pour the yogurt into a suitable bowl and mix it well with a spoon until its texture is smooth and uniform, then add some salt and black pepper and mix it.

4. Then add the spinach that has been cooled to room temperature to the yogurt and stir until all the ingredients are completely mixed together and the flavor of the garlic and spices are absorbed into the mixture. Put it in the refrigerator for half an hour to rest.

5. Pour the borani into suitable dishes and decorate them with some mint leaves, dill-chopped walnuts or pistachio powder, and coconut powder. Then, serve it as a stylish appetizer for reception or a simple diet meal.

6. To decorate the borani esfenaj, you can first pour some yogurt into special serving dishes and add a layer of spinach on it and repeat this again to make a layered appetizer that looks more beautiful and is stylish for serving.

Tips for preparing borani esfenaj:

Tips for preparing borani esfenaj

  • Most people enjoy eating borani esfenaj, so they usually store a large amount of spinach in the refrigerator or freezer after cleaning and washing it, which is not recommended. After a day or two, its main ingredient changes its nature, and its beneficial properties are lost. So, the first point is to try to prepare enough spinach for one or two days and always consume fresh spinach.
  • In order to make the Persian spinach yogurt dip specially, be sure to use walnut kernels in it, to decorate this delicious appetizer, you can use walnut powder, dried mint, and dried rosemary.
  • Borani esfenaj is usually prepared with a lot of garlic. Of course, you can reduce or increase the amount of garlic according to your taste. Of course, garlic must be cooked with spinach.
  • In order to have a delicious borani it is better to use shallot yogurt to make it.
  • To make borani tastier, you can add some chopped fresh or dry mint and a little rose powder to it.
  • To prepare dietary and non-diet borani, it is better to steam only the spinach.
  • You can also use fresh rosemary and fresh barberry leaves to decorate this appetizer.
  • You can serve this appetizer as a dinner dish.
  • If fresh garlic is not available, use 3 cloves of dried garlic.

The beneficial properties of spinach for body health:

The beneficial properties of spinach for body health

Some people believe that eating yogurt and spinach together is not right because it prevents the absorption of iron from spinach.

This theory is true to some extent, but the problem here is that the delicious taste of borani esfenaj cannot be easily ignored.

However, according to nutrition experts, it is better to add coconut milk to spinach instead of yogurt or consume spinach in other ways.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is more important than ever during pregnancy. This includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. One of the best foods a pregnant woman can eat is spinach.

It is rich in nutrients, like calcium and vitamin C, and so it can help make sure that the mother and her baby get the goodness they need.


Some of the beneficial properties of spinach for the body are:

  • 100 grams of raw spinach contains 20 calories of energy,90 grams of water,3 grams of protein,0.3 grams of fat,4 grams of starch,90 milligrams of calcium,50 milligrams of phosphorus,2.3 milligrams of iron,70 milligrams of sodium,470 milligrams of potassium and 600 units of vitamin A.
  • Spinach is rich in fiber and helps to treat constipation.
  • Spinach is rich in vitamin A and is useful for increasing eyesight and treating night blindness.
  • Spinach is rich in iron and is a very useful food for treating anemia.
  • Spinach is rich in manganese and is suitable for treating high blood pressure and lowering blood pressure.
  • By strengthening the entry systems of the body, such as mucous membranes, respiratory system, urinary system, and intestines, spinach prevents the occurrence of various infections.
  • Spinach reduces the speed of sugar absorption in the intestine and has anti-diabetic properties.
  • This plant is effective in reducing blood cholesterol.

Properties of walnuts:

  • Walnut helps to make hair thicker and stronger.
  • Walnuts have a significant effect on liver detoxification.
  • Walnut is effective in improving and regulating sleep


1. Is spinach cold or hot?

Borani esfenaj is cold food, and you can add raisins or walnut pieces to it to relieve this cold.

2. What is served with Borani spinach?

Borani esfenaj is served with : albaloo polo, khoresh fesenjan, dami gojeh and loobia polo.

Did you like borani recipe?

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  • If you are looking for vegetarian food, I suggest you this spinach appetizer.
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