Best Khoresht Khalal Recipe Step by Step{in 50 min}

Khoresht khalal is one of the types of Iranian stews, which originally belonged to the city of Kermanshah. Khoresh e khalal is considered one of the most festive stews in Kermanshah city, which is prepared on special occasions. The use of ingredients such as black barberry, cinnamon, limoo Amani, and rose water gives this stew a wonderful aroma in addition to its good taste.

In Kermanshah, this stew is prepared with animal oil, but in other cities, normal oil or butter is commonly used. khoresht khalal is usually cooked with meat that includes mutton and veal, but it can also be prepared with white meats such as chicken and turkey. In addition, you can prepare this stew without meat and completely vegetarian.

This khoresht is delicious Persian food like that: loobia polo, khoresh fesenjan, khoresh ghormeh sabzi, zereshk polo ba morgh, and albaloo polo.

What is khoresht khalal?

What is khoresht khalal

Khoresh e khalal is one of the special and unique foods, that is very popular because of its special taste and different aroma, and it is usually cooked for important gatherings and parties.
Prepare this stew is not different from other stews, but you need to know some important points such as the size of the meat pieces, the amount of khalal and black barberry, so that you can cook this stew with an original and special taste.

The meat used for the stew should be cut into very small pieces, and this gives the stew a special glaze, because of the presence of black barberry and almond slices and its high concentration, it is so delicious that it plays with your soul and spirit.

If you are interested in other local foods of Kermanshah province or if you want to get to know them more, you can read the article on dande kabab kermanshahi.

With the ingredients included in this recipe, you can make stew for 4 people. If you want to make more or less stew, just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients. If you are looking for a recipe for a delicious and new stew and you are tired of the stews you usually eat, stay with us in the rest of the article on meals cook site to get to know how to prepare this stew.

How to make khoresht khalal? (Khoresht khalal recipe)

How to make khoresht khalal

For: 4 people

Preparation time:10 minutes

Cooking time:1 hourse

The calorie content of khoresht khalal in 100 grams: 182 calories

Ingredients khoresht khalal:

Black barberry and animal oil from Kermanshahi are used in the main recipe for making this stew. Also, the almonds used in this stew are almonds from the trees of this region.

If you can get these ingredients, your stew will have a great taste and aroma, but if these ingredients are not available, you can use red barberry instead of black barberry and butter instead of Kermanshahi oil.

In the following, it is discussed about the ingredients needed and how to prepare the stew. Try to use fresh and high-quality ingredients. The type of meat used in this stew and its freshness is very important and it is very effective in the output.

Onion   1 medium
Red meat 1.1 pound
Lemon   2 to 3 pieces
Rose water 6 tablespoons
Sliced almonds 0.5 pound
Butter   100 grams
Liquid oil 3 to 4 tablespoons
Cinnamon stick 1 piece
Salt, pepper, turmeric as needed
Tomato paste 2 tablespoons
Brewed saffron 3 tablespoons
Limoo Amani    2 pieces


1. Before starting the cooking process of the stew, it is necessary to soak the almond slices in a mixture of some water and rose water for about 2 hours. This will help soften the almond slices and improve its taste. If you wish, you can pour some brewed saffron on it to improve its color and taste.

soak the almond slices in a mixture of some water

2. Pierce the lemons with a knife or fork put them in boiling water for half an hour and then remove them from the water. Lemons make the stew bitter in the long run, and because the stew takes a long time to cook, soaking the lemons in boiling water prevents the lemons from giving the stew a bitter taste.

3. Cut the meat into small pieces. If you wish, you can consider the pieces of meat bigger, but in the original recipe of this stew, the meats are chopped very small. The size of the meats should be almost a little smaller than minced meat. The meat used in the stew should be mutton so that the stew has a better taste, but if you don’t have access to mutton, you can use other types of red meat and even chicken or turkey.

4. Now it’s time to start the cooking process of the stew! Peel the onion and chop it very finely. Pour some oil into the pot and add the onion to it. After the onion becomes golden, add turmeric and black pepper to it. Do not add too much turmeric and black pepper because they change the color of the stew; It is also not necessary to fry the onions too much.

step 4 khoresht khalal

5. Add the meats to the fried onions and fry until they change color. Now fry 2 tablespoons of tomato paste with a little meat until the color of the tomato paste is lightened.

step 5 khoresht khalal

6. It is better to use high-quality market tomato paste or homemade to improve the flavor of the stew. This will help increase the quality and health of your stew.

step 6 khoresh khalal

7. Add boiling water to the ingredients in the pot and let it start cooking the meat with a medium flame. Add a piece of cinnamon and stick to it. You can also use cinnamon powder instead of cinnamon stick, but this is not recommended; Because it makes the taste of cinnamon dominate the stew and darkens the color of the stew. So it is better to use a cinnamon stick in it.

adding water to khoresht khalal

8. After the meat is cooked, add salt, some rose water, limoo Amani, and a little brewed saffron. At this stage, the salt of the stew should be measured. Fry the almond slices in some melted butter.

adding limoo amani

There is no need to over-fry the sliced almonds, as this will make them hard. It is enough to fry for 1 to 2 minutes with low flame. Now you have to let the stew simmer with a low flame.

step 8 khoresh khalal

9. After the stew is completely set, fry the cleaned black barberry in some butter until it is nicely colored. Frying barberries should also be done with a very low flame and a short time because otherwise the barberries will darken and lose their texture; In fact, it is enough for the barberry to see a little heat and puff up.

fry the cleaned barberry in some butter until it is nicely colored

10. Now add the almond slices to the stew and let it cook for a few minutes to give the stew a good flavor. Let the stew water reduce.

Now add the almond slices to the stew

This stew is not watery, and it is better to serve it completely thick. At the end, before serving the stew, remove the cinnamon stick from it. Your stew is ready. Serve it with steamed Iranian rice. Enjoy your meal!

khoresht khalal is ready


 Almonds are the edible seeds of Prunus dulcis, more commonly called the almond tree.


Nutritional value of khoresht khalal

Nutritional value of khoresh khalal

One of the primary ingredients used in this stew is black barberry. The local people of Kermanshah province make this stew with black barberry, which is more expensive than normal barberry.

Due to its compounds, barberry can act as an antioxidant and strengthen the body’s immune system. Barberry consumption is also recommended for diabetics. This special substance can also help fight dental infections. Barberry is also effective in treating acne.

Regular consumption of black barberry can help people with fatty liver to deal with and control the ill effects of this disease. Fatty liver disease is directly related to the type of food consumed. It is better for people who have fatty liver to prepare and consume foods useful for fatty liver.

If you have anemia, do not hesitate to consume black barberry. The black barberry in the stew can help treat iron deficiency anemia or minor anemia a lot.

Another basic ingredient in this dish is almond slices. Almonds can help treat cardiovascular diseases; They can also be effective in increasing the strength of bones due to the presence of useful vitamins such as vitamin E and magnesium.

As you know, consuming brains and including them in your daily diet has many benefits. If you’re tired of eating nuts on their own, a great way to diversify the way you use them is to use them in a variety of foods.

The almonds used in the stew are soaked in rose water for some time, which increases its properties. Using almonds soaked in rose water, along with barberry, can help lower blood pressure. Reading the article on the benefits of almonds will help increase your knowledge about the properties of almonds and their effect on maintaining the health of the body.

Saffron is used in the stew. Because of the many properties that this valuable material has, they have given it the nickname of red gold. Saffron is a spice with a strong aroma and stunning color. This valuable substance has many properties that are mentioned below. Research has shown that continuous consumption of saffron can prevent disorders of the nervous system.

The antioxidants in saffron can be very helpful in increasing the body’s immune system, resisting free radicals, and fighting Alzheimer’s. Read the article on the properties of saffron to learn more about the properties of this valuable substance.

The benefits of taking antioxidants are not hidden from anyone. Barberry and saffron together can provide a good source of antioxidants in the khoresht khalal.

You can also read khoresht mast esfahani and ash anar recipe.

How to make khoresht khalal with chicken or turkey

If you decide to prepare this stew with chicken or turkey meat, it is better to season the white meat with spices and saffron beforehand and use chicken or turkey breast meat. In this case, after frying the onion, add some butter to it and then add the chicken to it.

This will cause the chickens to be fried with butter and the taste of the stew will be better. The rest of the cooking steps are the same as cooking the stew with mutton. Naturally, if you use chicken meat, the cooking time of the stew will be reduced.

Notes khoresht khalal:

Notes for khoresh khalal

  • Be sure to use black barberry for stew.
  • Using a lot of black barberry makes the color of the stew come out of being transparent and become dark.
  • Be sure to soak the almond slices in saffron or rose water.
  • It is better to let the excess water of the stew drain and thicken.


1. What province of Iran is the local food stew?

Khoresht khalal is one of the delicious and famous foods of Kermanshah province.

2. What kind of barberry is used in the stew?

In the main recipe of this stew, black barberry is used, which has many properties, but if you do not have access to black barberry, you can also use red barberry in cooking this stew.

3. What should be the type and size of meat used in the stew?

It is better to use fresh mutton in the stew, but if you don’t have access to mutton, you can use other types of red meat, turkey, or chicken.

4. Is it better to use cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder in cooking the stew?

It is better to use cinnamon sticks in cooking the stew because the use of cinnamon powder in the stew can change its color and make it cloudy.

5. What is served with khoresht khalal?

This food is served with zeytoon parvardeh, sabzi khordan, mast o musir, torshi liteh.


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