What is Persian food? 5 Popular Foods in Iran

Today, Iranian foods have received a lot of attention due to the increase of websites and pages in the virtual space around the world. Foods that originate from a rich 2500-year-old culture.

These foods, which have a lot of variety, are foods made from halal animal meat or a combination of fresh vegetables with Iranian spices.

In this article, I want to answer this question: What are 5 popular foods in Iran?

So, I am going to introduce you to 5 Popular Foods in Iran including stews and pilafs, so don’t miss this article.

What is Persian food?

Persian food shows the history, civilization, and authenticity of the Aryan people. They are one of the oldest and most diverse dishes in the world. Iranian food or Persian cuisine a combination of fresh vegetables and meat along with very delicious and excellent spices that are served with Iranian bread or white rice.
With the increasing access of people to social networks, these foods are introduced to the whole world.

The main and traditional foods of Iran are all kinds of stews (vegetable and vegetable stew), Iranian rice, breads, kebabs (chicken or beef), and vegetables, grains, soups, and stews. Traditional Iranian dishes are a combination of fresh vegetables in stews that are served with rice.

5 Popular Foods in Iran

5. I assign number 5 to tahchin morgh. A complete and very delicious food that is similar to a cake. Tahchin morgh is a combination of Iranian rice with cooked chicken breast or thigh along with egg, Iranian saffron, and barberry.

A very excellent combination, under this Tahchin, is fried rice, and in the middle of it, roasted and fried chicken with different spices and barberry.

If you are interested in foods prepared with chicken, I recommend this combination.

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tahchin morgh

4. Number 4, which is my favorite food and has a very old history in Iranian cuisine, is khoresh gheymeh sibzamini. Khoreh gheymeh sibzamini, as its name suggests, is an excellent stew.

This stew is a combination of sheep meat, yellow split, oil, limoo amani, Iranian spices, tomato paste, and fried potatoes.

Fried potato pieces in this stew will provide you a wonderful taste.

Usually, this stew is used in religious ceremonies and ceremonies that are customary in Iran. The way to serve this stew is with Iranian rice along with Persian tahdig.

gheymeh sibzamini persian

3.  Number 3 is dedicated to Fesenjan stew. If you are a fan of sweet and sour foods, I recommend this complete and unique Iranian food. The only Iranian food that uses the least amount of spices.

It is a combination of cooked chicken or minced meat, depending on your taste, with pomegranate paste and ground walnuts.

Khorsh Fesenjan belongs to the north of the country.
It is usually one of the staples of Iranian tables for weddings, Nowruz and Sab Yalda.

This delicious Iranian stew, like all Iranian stews, is served with Iranian rice.

fesenjan stew

2. I assign number 2 to a very old and traditional dish. Usually, on Friday afternoons, this food should be served with several members of the family.
The name of this dish is Abghoosht or Dizi.

Abgoosht is a combination of lamb or veal meat, peas and beans, onion and potato, tomato paste, and limoo amani, which is cooked in a large pot with water.

After cooking, remove the water and mix the rest of the ingredients and beat. This pounded substance is known as goosht koobideh.

It is one of the most popular and famous foods in Iran, which is served with Sangak bread or Barbari bread. Besides abgoosht, you should use a variety of Iranian pickles and seer torshi.

abgoosht Persian recipe

1. We reached number one and the best Iranian food by far, which is famous all over the world. The famous khoresh ghormeh sabzi is the most important and famous Iranian dish.

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew is a combination of fresh vegetables for stew with mutton or veal along with red beans, limoo amani, and special Iranian spices.

Khoresh ghormeh sabzi is an old Iranian traditional stew that is unique. The excellent smell, wonderful taste, and very beautiful color and shape of this food have completed everything.

Usually, Iranian food is known all over the world as ghorme Sabzi. This food is a symbol of Iranian cuisine and stews in Asia.

You must have eaten this excellent stew once to know my compliments. Like all other stews, this stew is served with Iranian rice and tahdig.

In addition to khoresh ghormeh Sabzi, salad Shirazi, and various Iranian pickles are also used.

khoresh ghormeh sabzi persian

Iranian cuisine is the culinary traditions of Iran. Due to the historically common usage of the term “Persia” to refer to Iran in the Western world,[2][3][4] it is alternatively known as Persian cuisine, despite Persians being only one of a multitude of Iranian ethnic groups who have contributed to Iran’s culinary traditions.


How to eat Persian food?

How to eat Persian food

Iranians usually have special etiquette for eating and respect eating. Iranians use metal spoons and forks for eating. Instead of eating with their hands, they use spoons and forks to eat in a completely hygienic and regular manner.

Unlike other people in the world who eat on the dining table, Iranian food is eaten on beautiful and colorful tablecloths on the floor. Of course, these cloth and plastic tablecloths can also be spread on the dining table.


In the last part of this article, we concluded that what are the 5 Popular Foods in Iran. Of course, Persian dishes are very diverse.

Usually, you can use these foods on any diet you have. From vegan diets to people who like to eat meat.
Because Iranian foods are very diverse.


1. What is the famous food in Iran?

The most famous Iranian dish in the section of stews is ghorme Sabzi stew. The most famous Iranian food in the kebab section is kabab koobideh.

2. What food is popular in Tehran?

Famous foods in Tehran are divided into two categories, restaurant foods and street foods.
Restaurant dishes such as: Kabab koobideh, Zarshak polo ba morgh, ghorme sabzi, Dizi, and khoresh gheyme stew are very famous in Tehran restaurants.

Street foods in Tehran are very famous for dishes such as: Mexican corn(zorrat mexici), tandoori cobs(Balal), baked fava beans(Baghali Pokhteh), cooked beetroot(Laboo), Pirashki and Bamieh in Tehran.

3. What do Iranians eat the most?

Iranians usually use fresh Iranian bread for breakfast along with butter, cheese and jam.
For lunch, they usually use Iranian rice with a variety of stews made from fresh vegetables, beans, mutton, beef, or chicken.

For dinner, they use Iranian pasta, Iranian omelette, and dishes containing vegetables and cocoa along with bread.

4. Why is Iranian food so good?

Iranian food is excellent due to having fresh vegetables and all kinds of grains. It is also compatible with the tastes of most people in the world due to having excellent and appropriate spices and flavorings.

Iranian food does not have the spiciness of Indian food at all, and in addition to its excellent taste, it also has a beautiful appearance.

5. What are 3 popular foods in Iran?

3 popular foods in Iran are ghorme Sabzi stew, Kabab koobideh, and Gheymeh sibzamini, respectively. If you go to any Iranian restaurant or you are a guest in an Iranian’s house, they will prepare these dishes for you.

6. what is considered Persian food?

Dishes such as cholo kabab koobideh and khoresh ghormeh sabzi with their unique taste and aroma, Fesenjan and khoresh gheymeh sibzamini with a unique color and glaze, and Ash reshteh and zereshk polo ba morgh with their unique taste come from Iranian cuisine.

7. what country is Persian food from?

Iranian food, which is known as Persian food in other countries, belongs to Iran. “Persia” is the word that Western countries use for Iran.

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