10 Scary and Unusual Persian Foods + Pictures in 2024

Is it possible to have unusual Persian foods in Iran? Perhaps you have heard a lot of praise about Iranian foods such as ghormeh Sabzi and Kabab Koobideh. But this does not mean that there are no unusual foods in Iranian cuisine.

The meaning of unusual Persian foods is that these foods are not common in other parts of the world. For example, eating cooked sheep’s head, hands, and feet may seem strange to you, but this combination is one of the best Iranian breakfasts.

In this article, I have brought you 10 of these foods and I will explain about them in the following article.

Maybe these Persian foods are unusual according to our taste, but on the other hand, they have their fans in Iran and are used a lot.

10. Unusual Persian foods number 10, Gooshfil and Doogh

Gooshfil and doogh is a combination of a famous Isfahan sweet, which even has a strange name because it resembles an elephant’s ear.

In combination with Persian doogh, which is a sour and salty drink that is prepared by combining sour yogurt with water and dried vegetables.

For me, this combination was very strange until the day I tried this combination. It may be hard to believe, but this combination looked very delicious and perfect.

For me, who had experienced the combination of cheese and barberry jam before, the combination of gooshfil and doogh seemed very excellent.

gooshfil o doogh

9. Dolme Sirabi, unusual Persian foods number 9

Sirabi is a part of the inner lining of the stomach of ruminant animals such as cows and sheep and has chewing tissue. This meat has a neutral taste and can easily absorb the taste of other ingredients that are cooked with it.

Up to this point, this food is very complex and strange, but the following, ingredients are added to make this food very delicious.

Ingredients such as rice, minced meat, spices, tomato paste, and aromatic vegetables are filled inside the sirabi and are cooked in water and salt and have a great taste.

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dolmeh sirabi

8. Number 8 unusual Persian foods: Khoresht mast

Khoresht mast (Yoghurt stew), as its name suggests, is prepared from the combination of yogurt and sheep’s neck meat with rose water, saffron, and sugar.

This food should have a salty taste, but the strange thing is that this food has a sweet and mild taste.
This Persian food is one of the traditional foods of Isfahan and has fans. I think that those who like strange foods are also strange people.

khoresht mast

7. No. 7 is the strangest Iranian foods, Ashpel Mahi

“Ashpel” is the name of the eggs that are laid by almost all female marine animals (from sea urchins to sea scorpions). For example, salmon eggs are called salmon eggs.

Normally, the eggs of all types of sea fish (except sturgeon) that are removed from the body of the female fish before spawning are called “ashpel mahi”.

Imagine fish eggs fried in oil and served alongside seafood or other kebabs. It’s a simple food, but as you can see, it has a very interesting taste.

ashpel mahi

6. Number 6 unusual Persian foods: Abdoogh khiar

Abdoogh khiar is one of the few cold soups in the world. A soup that does not need to be cooked. It is a combination of yogurt, cucumber, walnuts, raisins, dried vegetables, water, ice, and dry bread.

abdoogh khiar is a very simple and light food related to the summer season.

One of the strange things about this food is that this soup is served cold and with ice. It is a traditional and very old Iranian food that has many fans in Iran.

abdoogh khiar

5. Strange Iranian food No. 5 Sholeh Mashhadi

Sholeh mashhadi is a strange Iranian food. This food is a combination of a food with gheymeh stew. As its name suggests, this food is related to the city of Mashhad in Iran. This food is a combination of two foods that are served in Iran and are not related to each other.

For this reason, you should check your food taste to eat this dish. Of course, this dish has its fans and is very famous and popular in Mashhad.

sholeh mashhadi

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4. Strange Iranian Foods No. 4 Tahdig

Tahdig is the strangest and most delicious Iranian food. Tahdig means the bottom of the pot. The crispy and dried part of the bottom of the rice is being cooked. In addition to rice, bread or potatoes are also used in this part.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Iranian pilaf is tahdig. Usually, this part is eaten alone or with stew. If you are interested in dry food, Tahdig is excellent.

tahdig noon

3. Delo Gholve (Kidney, lung, and heart kebab)

Kebabs are always great for me because I am not vegan. But roasting sheep’s body parts such as the heart, liver, liver, and kidney of this animal is difficult.
I reminded you of Hannibal.

But when the heart and liver of the sheep are grilled on the charcoal grill, a wonderful smell is produced that you can’t stop yourself from eating it.

It is one of the strangest and most delicious kebabs in the world.

del o jigar

2. Scary and Unusual Persian Foods No 2: Sirabi

Sirabi or tripe soup is one of the strangest and most diverse soups in the world. The idea of boiling and eating a fasting sheep or calf is very terrifying. Sirabi is prepared from the lining of the intestine of a sheep or calf that has been washed and cleaned several times.

This food is served as an evening meal with lemon juice in Iranian restaurants. Usually, this food is not cooked in the home because it has a very bad smell.

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1. Unusual Persian Foods Kale Pache

Finally, we reached the strangest and most unusual Persian foods, which is also the author’s favorite food. One of the best meals for breakfast is tripe. A combination of the head, hands, and feet of a sheep that is cooked is called Kale Pache.

It may be a very strange and confusing food, but it is a food full of calories and vitamins, and of course very tasty. Although this food is not liked by many people, at the same time it has many fans all over the world.
Kale pache is served as breakfast with lemon juice and Sangak bread.

kale pache food


At the end of this Unusual Persian Foods article, we have introduced 10 strange Iranian foods that you must try so that you can try their great taste in addition to being strange. Of course, all these things are related to your food taste.

It is possible that many of these foods are in your food taste and you like them or vice versa. I hope my information was useful to you. If you have any questions about these foods, please leave a comment.



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